Complete this form if you wish to adopt a minor that is the biological or adopted child of your spouse.  If you are adopting another relative, you must use our Relative Adoption Questionnaire.

Gather your Documents

To properly complete this questionnaire, you may need to upload PDF scans of the following documents:
1.  State issued driver license or ID card for each petitioner.
2.  State issued ID card for any child being adopted who is 12 years of age or older.
3.  A copy of your marriage certifcate if you are married.
4.  A copy of the birth certificate for each child being adopted.
5.  Social Security numbers for each child being adopted.
6.  Copies of final judgements or court orders from related cases such as custody, child support, etc.
The form will allow you to finish if you don't have these documents handy.  However, you must e-mail them to us as soon as possible.
Before we can file your case, the court will require an original (certifed, blue copy) of each child's birth certificate.  You will not get these back. You will get new birth certificates after your case finalizes.  We typically collect the original birth certificate(s) when we meet with you to sign and notarize your documents.

Disclosure from Non-Lawyer