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Entity Intake Package

Thank you for taking the time to complete our intake package.  This form is to be used for entities only.  If you are filing for your individual returns, please close this screen and contact our office to be directed to the Individual Client Intake Package.
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Entity Engagement Letter and Consent Form Section



Dear Client,


Thank you for the opportunity to work with you in preparing your income tax returns.  To foster a complete understanding of our relationship, take a moment to review the following information.

We will prepare your income tax returns based solely on the information you furnish to us.  Upon completion of your tax returns we will return any original tax documents to you.  From time to time our office may retain scanned copies of your documents for our records, however you should retain all documents, cancelled checks and other data that form the basis of income and deductions and other tax return forms, schedules, elections and disclosures.  Such documents include but are not limited to, proper records to support deductions claimed for meals, entertainment, travel, business gifts, charitable contributions, and vehicle use (if applicable), as well as bank and credit card statements.  These records will be necessary to prove the accuracy and completeness of the returns to taxing authorities, should your returns be selected for examination. We recommend keeping all documents and copies of your returns for a minimum of five years after you file your tax returns or after their due date, whichever is later.

Our work in connection with the preparation of your income tax returns cannot be relied upon to disclose errors, irregularities or illegal acts, including, without limitation, fraud that may exist within the documents or figures you provide.  We will use our professional judgment in resolving questions where the tax law is unclear or where there may be conflicts between the tax authority’s interpretations of the tax law and other supportable positions.  Unless instructed by you, we will take a tax position in your favor whenever reasonable.  We cannot provide any assurance that tax positions taken will not be challenged or ensure the ultimate outcome of such a challenge.  Moreover, we cannot be responsible for issues arising from any income, expenses or other information not provided to us at the time of tax preparation or prior to the filing of your returns.

Please note that this engagement, and this firm’s services, include but are not limited to general and annual income tax related services.  Unless specifically requested by you, and agreed upon in writing we do not provide any services related to payroll tax, sales tax, excise tax, and personal or real property tax.  Nor can we be relied upon to determine or report your compliance, or lack thereof, with any Federal, State, or Local business related laws, health care or human resources regulations, retirement plan compliance or any business, property, or professional permitting/licensing.   

The charges for our services are on a “per form” basis with references to time spent by our professional staff to perform the work, and costs incurred for related supplies and expenses, including copy charges, long distance phone charges and computer processing charges.  Our fee for the preparation of your tax returns will be due and payable upon presentation of your completed income tax filing.  It is company policy not to release tax returns or any tax related reports, schedules, information, advice, or notes without payment in full.  Should a situation arise where services have been rendered but payment is not received and our firm is forced to or elects to seek legal assistance to collect fees due to us, please note that you may be asked to reimburse our firm for the legal costs to collect any outstanding balance due.

Because we understand that cost is an important issue for many clients, we will do our best to provide you with an estimate of our fees prior to completing your returns but please understand that circumstances arise which may raise or lower the estimated fee.  We will contact you if such a situation arises after you receive an estimate.  If you are completing or need us to complete a Condominium Association or HOA form 1120-H please note our standard fee of $325, has increased to $350 for all 1120-H Forms prepared after Nov 1st, 2020.

Upon completion of your returns and after you have paid your tax preparation fees we will provide you with a copy of your returns as well as the e-file signature authorizations and any applicable payment vouchers to complete your tax filing.  You should review the completed returns carefully.  If you see anything that requires changing please bring it to our attention immediately and we will either explain the matter to you or correct it without delay and provide you with new, corrected copies.  If you are satisfied with the returns and see no issues, please sign and date the e-file signature authorizations and return them to this office immediately.  Please note that all taxing authorities prohibit us from transmitting your tax returns without signed authorization from you.  Please also note that if your returns can not be e-filed we will provide you with paper copies to sign and mail to the taxing authorities.

Please be advised that if you receive any correspondence from a taxing authority that pertains to a tax return prepared by this firm we will be happy to address this matter on your behalf.  Included in the cost of your tax preparation is a half hour (30 minutes) of correspondence work per tax year at no additional charge.  If the matter or issue will involve more one half hour of work then each additional hour (or fraction thereof) will be billed at a standard hourly rate of three hundred dollars ($300) per 60 minute hour.  When possible, we will do our best to inform you if we believe your issue will require more than one hour to handle, however there may be a situation when we are unable to inform you in advance.  Even if we are unable to inform you, the standard hourly rate listed above will apply and is payable upon completion of this work.  In certain circumstances a retainer may be requested and we will aprise you of that fact should it be applicable.  At any time in the process you may choose to have us cease our work in connection with your correspondence but we will require said request in writing with your name and signature included.  If, during the course of this work, it becomes apparent the correspondence received was due to an error or omission by this office there will be no charge for handling the correspondence regardless of the time involved.  Please note that except in cases where our office is deemed at fault, a flat $75 dollar handling charge will be assessed for all matters where our assistance is requested in handling any such correspondence from any taxing authority.  This charge is not included in your annual tax preparation fees and is payable upon completion of our work in connection with said correspondence.

Please also note that audit/examination representation work is not included in the tax preparation fee and is considered a different engagement with a separate fee structure.  If you have any questions regarding the specifics of audit/examination representation please feel free to ask any time before, during or after your appointment.  Again if your returns are audited or examined by any taxing authority, for any reason, the fee you paid for their preparation does not include the costs to represent you with regard to any audit or examination.

Finesse Tax Accounting, LLC takes your privacy and personal information very seriously.  We will take whatever steps are necessary to safe guard that information and will never sell or disclose said information to anyone outside the firm for any reason.  Please note that while we will protect your confidential information, our firm, from time to time, will need to utilize some of your information for internal purposes not related directly to your current year tax preparation.  An example of this usage would be mailing you a newsletter or holiday card to your confidential home address or perhaps a personal phone call to wish you or a member of your family greetings or a happy birthday.  By signing this letter you agree to allow our staff limited access to your information for such informal, non-tax preparation related situations.

Please also note that in an effort to help combat the increasing threat of identity theft and to ensure the returns filed by our firm are accurate, true, and pertain to the proper client or taxpayer, Finesse Tax Accounting, LLC reserves the right to request, as condition of our providing services, certain documents to verify your identity and the identity of others you may be listing on your tax returns.  This is for your protection and for the protection of your spouse and/or dependents and these documents will be safeguarded to the best of our ability and in accordance with our document protection procedures.  Such documents requested by our firm may include but are not limited to; government issued photo identification, Social Security Cards, birth certificates, or visa and immigration related documents.

If you agree with the terms of our engagement as described in this letter please sign below.  Please be aware that by signing below and giving us your income tax information, you expressly agree to the terms of this engagement letter.  We want to thank you for putting your trust in Finesse Tax Accounting, LLC and look forward to a long and mutually satisfying relationship.


Warm Regards,

Michael L. Fine, CSA


Finesse Tax Accounting, LLC

Please sign indicating agreement with the above engagement letter. *


Federal law requires this consent form be provided to you.  Unless authorized by law, we cannot use, without your consent, your tax return information for purposes other than the preparation and filing of your tax return.  However, federal law also prohibits us from revealing any personal or financial information to any third party.  Therefore as a matter of fact, we will never reveal your financial or personal information in any way, to anyone, unless you specifically request we do so, and provide in writing to us the specific person or persons to whom you wish that disclose to be made, which is done on a wholly separate consent form from this.   For the purposes of this consent form please note we are seeking consent only to satisfy requirements set forth by federal law so we may speak with you on the phone, send you email correspondences of any kind, send you mailings, newsletters, email reminders, holiday and occasional cards and greetings, and reminders of upcoming deadlines, etc. 

You are not required to complete this form.  If we obtain your signature on this form by conditioning our service on your consent, your consent will not be valid.  Your consent is valid for the amount of time that you specify.  If you do not specify the duration of your consent, your consent is valid for a period of three years from the date you have signed the consent.

The undersigned hereby consents to the use; by Finesse Tax Accounting LLC, its owner, employees, and staff; of any and all tax return information pertaining to:

  • Direct questions, inquiries or requests you make regarding your tax returns, situation, or issues.
  • Requests you make for copies of your documents, figures, numbers, or information.
  • Upon your direct request in order to connect you with another professional in another field or profession so you may gain further information on a certain topic not available or in the realm of expertise of this firm.
  • Notification of important tax law changes.
  • Notification of changes or information that will impact our engagement, such as a change of firm website address, email address, physical location, or other such contact, biographical or geographical information.
  • Other reasonable business purposes including but not limited to: appointment reminders, holiday mailings, birthday greetings and other informational mailings.

The tax information may not be disclosed or used by Finesse Tax Accounting, LLC, its owner, employees, or staff, for any purpose other than that which is permitted by this consent document.

If you believe your tax return information has been disclosed or used improperly in a manner unauthorized by law or without your permission, you may contact the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) by telephone at 1-800-366-4484 by email at

Please sign to indicate you give consent as spelled out above. *
Finesse Tax Accounting, ID Policy

Finesse Tax Accounting, LLC takes compliance with all Federal, State, and Local laws/regulations/guidance seriously.  Our firm also voluntarily goes above and beyond the basic compliance in most cases to ensure, among other things, that we protect the integrity of the tax preparation process year after year.  Due to revisions to the regulations in our industry, our firm is now collecting copies of government photo identification to ensure that we continue to perform our duties for you, the client, up to the highest standards of compliance.  So please note that upon completion of this agreement to engage our services, you may be subsequently asked to provide a copy of a valid, government issued, photo identification.  Please note that while we understand in some cases this may pose a hardship, this action and collection of I. D. is our effort to continue our consistent over compliance with government regulations.


In addition to the collection of your I. D. please note that in some cases our firm will be required to perform a verification of identity using a secure, third party, service.  This is being reserved almost exclusively for new clients who are working remotely and should not be used in cases where you are an existing client or have come into our office to provide the necessary documentation and information used to prepare your tax returns.  The cost of this third party verification system will NOT be imposed directly on any client for whom we choose to employ it, as we will be using this system at our professional discretion and do not believe that our choice to use this system in certain instances should be a cost that is passed along to the specific client it is being employed for.


We apologize for any discomfort or inconvenience this policy has caused or may cause but we can assure you minimal interference with your tax preparation engagement and we can assure you again, this is policy has been put in place to ensure that Finesse Tax Accounting, LLC is on the cutting edge or and miles ahead of any minimal standards of compliance that exist to protect the integrity of the tax preparation process and to protect your safety, security, privacy, and identity.

Did your entity pay any individual or single member LLC $600 or more during the year for which this tax return is being prepared? *
Did you or will you issue 1099-NEC or 1099-MISC forms to these individuals or single member LLC's? *
Would you like Finesse Tax Accounting, LLC to discuss our 1099 preparation and filing services with you to ensure you are compliant with the tax code governing the required issuing of 1099 forms to any individual or single member LLC who received $600 or more in payments from your entity? *
Did your entity have an W-2 Employees during the year for which this tax return was being prepared? *