Lions Summer Camp


Art: Printing, Stamping and Stenciling
(15 remaining)

Cooking: Cupcake Wars with Betty Buns

Cooking: Cupcake Wars with Betty Buns
(2 remaining)
(9 remaining)
(0 remaining)
(7 remaining)

STEM: 3D Printing & Robotics Camp

STEM: 3D Printing and Robotics Camp
(8 remaining)

Kindergarten Readiness Camp

Kindergarten Readiness
(0 remaining)
(0 remaining)

Preschool Camp

Craft and Create
(11 remaining)
Animal Adventures
(5 remaining)
Outdoor Explorers
(5 remaining)
Splash and Sports
(0 remaining)

Sports Skills Camps

(18 remaining)
(10 remaining)
(10 remaining)

Before Care

How did you hear about us?

How did you hear about Lions Summer Camp? Please check all that apply? *

Contact Information

In an emergency, Lions Camp will FIRST attempt to contact the Parent Guardian
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Parent #1
Parent #2
If the school CANNOT reach the above, please list the other person(s) who may be notified and to whom your child may be released:
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Emergency Contact #1
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Medical Consent

Consent to Treatment *
I understand that it is my responsibility to maintain health insurance coverage for my child while engaged in all camp activities. I hereby release, discharge and hold harmless Notre Dame Schools (Notre Dame Elementary and/or Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin) and its representatives from any and all medical and health related expenses and/or claims, whether covered by insurance or not, that may be incurred by my child while participating in school sponsored activities.
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Medical Information Consent
Medical Specialist

Allergies and Medical Conditions

My child has a life threatening allergy. (If yes, please list allergy and bring allergy action plan to the camp.) *
My child has a medical condition. (If yes, please list condition and bring medical information to camp) *

Media Consent

I grant permission for photographs or recorded work to be used in media presentations that are made available to other educational institutions or through a cable television station or network. I further grant Notre Dame Schools (Notre Dame Elementary and/or Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin) permission for photographs to be used in print, social media or on the school website. I understand that our child's image, name, work product, school and grade may be revealed in the presentation(s), but that no other information about our child or his/her schoolwork will be revealed without prior consent. *


I give permission for my child (or child in my legal guardianship) to participate in the Lions Summer Camp. In consideration for the below mentioned child’s participation, I do hereby release and forever discharge Notre Dame Schools (Notre Dame Elementary and/or Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin) all current and future respective officers, directors, trustees, agents, members, employees, successors and assigns, from all claims, demands, damages, actions and causes of action which may arise from my child’s participation in NDES After School Club(s). It is further understood that the undersigned exercises this Waiver knowing fully the circumstances and details of the activity, equipment used and knowingly accepts any risk involved in the use of said equipment. *


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