Affiliate Application to Sell 

Membership is required at either WGI or WGI-US in order to become an affiliate of WGI and/or WGI-US.
About Your Product
Where do you want to sell your product? *
What is the format of your product? *
Does your product require direct interaction with the seller? *
How will your product be delivered? *
Are you willing to ship internationally? *
Please note the following:
Upon submission of this application, your product will go before a three (3) person committee for a determination as to whether it is relevant and compatible with Choice Theory.
If approved, a price would be set as follows:
1. Books or physical products - 90% to Seller, 10% to WGI/WGI-US
2. Product with direct interaction with its creator - 75% to Seller, $25% to WGI/WGI-US
3. Electronic one (1) time download (no interaction with its creator) - 50% to Seller, 50% to WGI/WGI-US
An agreement of the above terms will be sent for your signature.  If you will be selling at both WGI and WGI-US, you will receive two (2) agreements.