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Spring 2018 Courses
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Basic Economics for the Global Citizen
Dr. Nikolaos Zahariadis
Death and the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt
Dr. Ariel Lopez
The End of American (Demographic) Exceptionalism?
Dr. Jennifer Dabbs Sciubba
Great Decisions in Foreign Policy
Prof. Stephen Ceccoli
The History of Musical Theater
Dr. Vanessa Rogers
Paris: Inventions and Reinventions
Dr. Shira Malkin
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Stars and Their Planets
Dr. Elizabeth Young

Search for Values in the Light of Western Philosophy & Religion
Drs. Daniel Ullucci, Stephen Wirls, and Rhiannon Graybill
The Text of the Bible: From the Mediterranean to Memphis
Dr. Daniel Ullucci
Individual and Society
Dr. Stephen Wirls
This class is at full capacity.  To be placed on the waiting list, please contact Susan Bingham at 901-843-3965 or
Prophets and Prophecy: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel
Dr. Rhiannon Graybill

World of Literature
Drs. Lori Garner, John Kaltner, Caki Wilkinson, Scott Newstok, Donald Tucker, and Alexandra Kostina
Exploring the World of Beowulf
Dr. Lori Garner
Biblical Figures in the Qur’an
Dr. John Kaltner
Poetry in the 21st Century: The Work of Terrance Hayes
Dr. Caki Wilkinson
No Island Is an Island
Dr. Scott Newstok
The Theater of Federico García Lorca
Dr. Donald Tucker
Brothers Karamazov
Dr. Alexandra Kostina

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