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Fall 2017 Courses
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The Battle For The Soul Of America: Race & Violence In The United States
Dr. Anthony C. Siracusa
The Genius Of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart & Ludwig Van Beethoven
Prof. Thomas Bryant
Great Decisions in Foreign Policy
Prof. Stephen Ceccoli
Inclusion & Equity: Intentionality in Organizational & Community Engagement
Dr. Noelle Chaddock
Is Migrant Despair Europe's Only Hope?
Prof. Nikos Zahariadis

Search for Values in the Light of Western Philosophy & Religion
Profs. Scott Garner, Sarah Rollens, Susan Satterfield, Joseph Jansen, Ariel Lopez, and Erin Dolgoy
Beyond Epic: Other Poetic Genres In Early Greece
Prof. Scott Garner
The Formation & Transmission Of The New Testament
Prof. Sarah Rollens
Cicero The Politician
Prof. Susan Satterfield
The Fragility Of Goodness
Prof. Joseph Jansen
The Origins Of Christian Monasticism
Prof. Ariel Lopez
Soulcraft For The Age Of Science: Francis Bacon’s Essays
Prof. Erin Dolgoy

World of Literature
Profs. Rhiannon Graybill, Wonneken Wanske, Hannah Barker, and Clara Pascual-Argente
All About Eve: Women In The Hebrew Bible & Ancient Israel
Prof. Rhiannon Graybill
Medicine In German Literature, Film, & Popular Culture
Prof. Wonneken Wanske
The Wise King: Alfonso X Of Castile
Profs. Hannah Barker and Clara Pascual-Argente

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