Meeman Center
for Lifelong Learning
Spring 2017 Courses

Elvis Presley’s America
Dr. Charles Hughes
The Glories of “The Vault”
Mr. Bill Short
Great Decisions in Foreign Policy
Prof. Stephen Ceccoli
Inclusion & Equity: Intentionality in Organizational & Community Engagement
Dr. Noelle Chaddock
Politics & Conflict in the Middle East
Prof. Esen Kirdis
Presidential Leadership in a Nation Divided: Lincoln, the Constitution, & the Civil War
Prof. Timothy Huebner
The School of Paris
Prof. Shira Malkin

Search for Values in the Light of Western Philosophy & Religion
Profs. Joseph Jansen, Michael Flexsenhar, Ariel Lopez, Hannah Barker, and Lori Garner
Xenophon’s Ways & Means
Prof. Joseph Jansen
Thecla: Equal to the Apostles
Prof. Michael Flexsenhar
Augustine’s Confessions
Prof. Ariel Lopez
Early Islam
Prof. Hannah Barker
Attaining Truth: Medieval Uses of Classical Tradition
Prof. Hannah Barker
Old English Poetry
Prof. Lori Garner

World of Literature
Profs. Clara Pascual-Argente, Scott Newstok, Donald Tucker, and Alexandra Kostina
The Poem of the Cid
Prof. Clara Pascual-Argente
The Jew of Malta
Prof. Scott Newstok
Madame Bovary
Prof. Donald Tucker
The Book of Journeys: Vodolazkin’s Laurus (2012)
Prof. Alexandra Kostina

Note: Course tuition does not include books & supplies. Required texts and suggested readings for Meeman Center courses may be purchased at your favorite bookstore, online, or can be ordered at your request by the Meeman Center staff.
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