APS School Health Advisory Board
2017-18 Membership Form
Please complete the following form to join the APS School Health Advisory Board for the 2017-18 school year, or to cancel an existing membership. Parents, students and community members are welcome to join. SHAB meets every other month (5 times per year) and members are expected to attend at least 2 in-person meetings. Past members must re-join or cancel using this form.
Member information will be used to create an email distribution list for meeting announcements and news, and a membership roster for the School Board. Members can opt-in to having their names also posted on the SHAB website. For more information about SHAB, please visit the website: www.apsshab.weebly.com or visit the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/apsshab.
Much of this school year will be devoted to assisting schools with the new Wellness Policy and Policy Implementation Procedures. They will require each school to form a Wellness Council, conduct a standardized self-assessment, and report annually on wellness activities and progress. Please review the PIP to familiarize yourself with these mandates:

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