Entering Students 2022-2023:
Scholarships & Bursaries 

Please review each section to determine what Scholarships & Bursaries are available.


August 1, 2022 & December 1, 2022


  • Scholarship & Bursary Application Form
  • Admission Application
  • Interim or Final Transcript (included in Admission Application)
  • Letter regarding ministerial status, or church involvement, if applying for Family/Ministry Support Bursary
*** Please Note:  If you defer your application to another entrance term, a new Scholarship & Bursary Application will need to be submitted.

General Criteria

  • Entering Student Scholarships and Bursaries are available for the applicant’s first 2 terms of study as a program student.
  • All scholarships and bursaries are awarded to student accounts and will be divided equally between the first and second term, except for the Church Matching Bursary, Early Bird Bursary and Preview Day Bursary. These are a one-time disbursement.
  • Only full-time students are eligible for scholarships & bursaries. Students are considered full-time if they are enroled in a minimum of 10 Credits.
  • Students may only receive a maximum amount of $4000.00 per year in Entering or Returning Student Financial aid. Pursue students are only eligible to receive a maximum of 3 entering scholarships and/or bursaries (does not include Preview Days Bursary and the Early Bird Bursary).
  • Dollar values are subject to change based on the number of applications received.
  • Entering Student Scholarship and Bursary applications cannot be deferred. Students who defer their application to another entrance term will need to submit a new Entering Student Scholarship and Bursary Application
  • The student cannot receive the second installment if he/she is on probation.
  • The submission deadline is August 1st for the fall entrance term and December 1st for the winter entrance term
  • For an application to be considered, the application must have their scholarship and bursary application, admissions application, interim or final transcript, and any additional documentation required for the entrance scholarship application BEFORE the submission deadline.
  • Final Transcripts must be provided to the Office of the Registrar by August 15th for fall start and December 15th for winter start.
Please direct any questions regarding scholarships and bursaries to admissions@vanguardcollege.com

Section 1 - Entrance Scholarship (up to $1000)

  • The student must meet the general criteria listed above.
The students must have an average of 75% in five Grade 12 subjects, as seen on their Official High School Transcript. The courses included in the average must consist of the following:
  • At least 1 Language Arts course
  • At least 1 Math or Science course
  • At least 1 Social Sciences, Fine Arts, or other Language courses
  • Up to 2 in any area
  • Or an approved grade 12 matriculation substitute
For students completing Grade 12, an interim high school transcript must be submitted in relation to your Admissions application. Your entrance scholarship will only be determined/approved once the final transcript is received (Due August 15 for fall start and December 15th for winter start.)
Post-Secondary Transcripts or a SAT may be considered provided that, the student has completed a Grade 12 diploma and at least one full semester (12 credits) of study at the Post-Secondary level. This includes Journeymen certification. Other accredited certifications may be considered.

Section 2 – Entrance Relocation Bursaries 

  • The student must meet the general criteria listed above.
  • The student must choose one of the following:

Out of Province Bursary (up to $1000)

  • Available to new students who live outside Alberta and relocate to attend at Vanguard College.
  • Not available to students who relocate more than 4 months prior to enroling.
  • Students who re-locate out of province during the school year will forfeit their second disbursement of the bursary.

Housing Bursary (up to $1500)

  • Available to new students living in Student Housing for their first year.
  • Limited to the number of spots available.
  • Students who leave housing mid-year will forfeit the remainder of the bursary.

Section 3 – Volunteerism Bursary (up to $500)

  • The student must meet the general criteria listed above
  • The student must be volunteering on a regular* basis in the 12-month period prior to enrolling as a full-time program student.
  • Hours used for school credit or paid employment may not be used
  • The Student is required to describe the nature of their volunteer work and to write 300 words on how volunteering has prepared them for studying at Vanguard.

*The scholarship committee considers ongoing weekly/monthly engagement such as tutoring, youth leader, children’s worker, soccer coach, etc. as a definition of regular involvement.

Section 4 - Family Ministry Support Bursary (10% Discount)

The student must meet the general criteria listed above, and one of the following must be applicable:

  • Sibling attending Vanguard College full-time (each student must apply separately for the bursary)
  •        Each student must be an unmarried offspring under the age of 25
  • Spouse attending Vanguard College full-time (each student must apply separately for the bursary)
  • Dependent* attending Vanguard College full-time (each student must apply separately for the bursary)
    • Dependents are considered unmarried offspring under the age of 25
  • Student Previously in Ministry 
    • Must have served in full-time ministry for two consecutive years and plan to return to ministry
    • A letter stating the ministerial status from the appropriate District Office or the Overseas department and a letter from the student indicating the intent to return to ministry is required.
  • Parent is an Alumni
    • Student’s parent graduated from Vanguard College, IBOLT (Vanguard College Online) or Northwest Bible College with a certificate, diploma or degree
  • Parent is in Ministry 
    • Student’s parent is involved in full-time ministry as a pastor or missionary.
    • Student is an unmarried offspring under age 25
    • A letter stating the parent’s current full-time ministerial placement from the appropriate District Office or the Overseas department is required. A copy of credentials is not sufficient. 
  • Attending a PAOC AB NWT District Church 
    • Student has been attending and serving at a PAOC ABNWT district church for at least 1 year prior to attending Vanguard College.
    • A letter from a current pastor, board member or ministry leader stating the student's current involvement in the church and its ministry is required 

Section 5 - Church Matching Bursary (up to $500)

Vanguard College will match up to $500* of bursary provided by the student's church.  This applies only to churches outside of the PAOC AB NWT District. The funds are for tuition and fees only.  The bursary provided will not be paid out directly to the student. 

*Dollar values are subject to change based on the amount of available funding.

The church must fill out a Church Matching Bursary Application.  The application and funds need to be received by the following deadlines:

Deadline for the fall term:  August 1

Deadline for the winter term: December 1

If a student does not apply by the fall term deadline, the student can apply for the winter term deadline.

Section 6 - Preview Day Bursary ($300)

Available to students who enroll in full-time studies within 3 years of attending a Vanguard College Preview Day.

If you attended preview day you will automatically receive the preview day bursary towards your enrolment in your first term.


Section 7 - Early Bird Bursary ($500)

Available to students who submitted a Vanguard College application for full-time (min. 10 credits) admission by February 1st and enrol  in the upcoming Fall term. Winter term applicants do not qualify for this bursary.

If you submitted an application to Vanguard before February 1st for the Fall entrance term, you will automatically receive this bursary towards your full-time enrolment in the Fall term.

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