Entering Students September 2019:
Scholarships & Bursaries 

Please review each section to determine what Scholarships & Bursaries are available.
Last Business Day in June
- Scholarship & Bursary Application Form
- Admission Application
- Interim or Final Transcript (included in Admission Application)
- Letter regarding ministerial status, if applying for Family Ministry Support Bursary

General Information

  • Only full-time students are eligible for scholarships & bursaries. Full-time students taking a minimum of 12 credits.
  • You may be eligible to receive up to a maximum of $3500 in scholarships & bursaries.  Pursue students are eligible to receive up to $2800.
  • All scholarships and bursaries are awarded to your student account and will be divided equally between the fall and winter semester.
  • The student cannot receive the second installment if he/she is on academic probation.
  • Final Transcripts must be provided to the Office of the Registrar by August 15th Students who do not submit their Transcript by August 15th may lose ½ their Entering Scholarship.
Please direct any questions regarding scholarships and bursaries to admissions@vanguardcollege.com

Section 1 - Entrance Scholarship (up to $1000 or $1500)

The students must have an average of 70% (for up to $1000) or 80% (for up to $1500) in five Grade 12 subjects, as seen on their Official High School Transcript. The courses included in the average must consist of the following:
  • At least 1 Language Arts course
  • At least 1 Math or Science course
  • At least 1 Social Sciences, Fine Arts, or other Language courses
  • Up to 2 in any area
  • Or an approved grade 12 matriculation substitute
For students completing Grade 12, an interim high school transcript must be submitted in relation to your Admissions application. Your entrance scholarship will only be determined/approved once the final transcript is received (Due Aug 15 for Fall .
Post-Secondary Transcripts or a SAT may be considered provided that, the student has completed a Grade 12 diploma and at least one full semester (12 credits) of study at the Post-Secondary level. 
Applicants who do not meet the above mentioned criteria may be considered on an individual basis and if they qualify, may receive the award of up to $1000.
Half of the amount is granted in the first semester and half in the second semester.

Section 2 – Entrance Relocation Bursaries ($500-$1500)

The student’s permanent address must be stated on the application form. Only students who have not lived in Edmonton for more than four months prior to studies beginning will be eligible.
  • Out of Town Bursary ($500)
    • Available to New Students from Alberta who live outside a 50km radius around Vanguard College (12140-103 Street, Edmonton)
    • The applicant must be attending Vanguard College on campus
  • Out of Province Bursary ($1000 or $1500)
    • Available to New Students who live outside of Alberta
    • The applicant must be attending Vanguard College on campus for the first time.
    • The amount is distributed based on Province: $1000 for students from Manitoba and Western Canada,  and $1500 for students from Ontario and Eastern Canada and the Territories.

Section 3 – Volunteerism Scholarship (up to $1000)

  • Student must have volunteered a minimum of 100 hours in the 12-month period (August 15-August 15)
  • Students may only log a maximum of 20 hours per month.
  • Student must complete Volunteerism Hours Log (Can be printed upon completion of this application form) and have it signed by a supervisor.
  • Cannot be hours used for school credit or paid employment
  • The Volunteerism Hours Log must be submitted to Vanguard College no later than August 15th intake otherwise, students may lose ½ their Volunteerism Scholarship.

Section 4 - Family Ministry Support Bursary (up to $1000)

One of the following must be applicable:
  • Sibling* attending Vanguard College Full-time**

  • Spouse* attending Vanguard College Full-time**

  • Dependant* attending Vanguard College Full-time**
    • Dependents are considered unmarried offspring under the age of 25

  • Student Previously in Ministry 
    • Must have served in full-time ministry for two consecutive years and plan to return to ministry
    • A letter* stating the ministerial status from the appropriate District Office or the Overseas department and a letter from the student indicating the intent to return to ministry is required

  • Parent is an Alumni
    • Student’s parent graduated from Vanguard College, IBOLT or Northwest Bible College with a certificate, diploma or degree

  • Parent is in Ministry 
    • Student’s parent is involved in full-time ministry as a pastor or missionary.
    • Student is an unmarried offspring under age 25
    • A letter*** stating the parent’s current Full-Time ministerial placement from the appropriate District Office or the Overseas department is required 
* Each student must apply for the bursary separately
** Full-Time student taking 12 credits or more
*** A copy of credentials is not sufficient

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