This registration form is for registering for the following:
- Modular Courses
- On-Campus Courses
- Online Courses
- Pastoral Care and Counselling Professional Certificate Courses
- Alumni Free Audit On-Campus Course
- Alumni Discounted Online Course (25% off)
BEFORE YOU BEGIN: Please note that you can pay by credit card through Populi.  You will be sent information about Populi once you register.  Other payment options are listed at the bottom of this form. 

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PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to audit a course or receive a 25% discount on a Vanguard online course, please confirm that you are eligible before proceeding:
1. You have graduated with a certificate, diploma or degree.
2. You are not currently enrolled in a program.
3. You have not previously received a 25% discount on a Vanguard Online course this academic year.
4. You have not audited a course in the current academic year.
PLEASE NOTE:  Before registering for a course, you will be required to take the Orientation to Online Learning Course.  Please register for this course first.
Have you previously taken online classes at another post-secondary institution? *
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*Students may take a maximum of two courses at a time up to five courses before they are required to apply and be enrolled in a program
*Online students are required to take the Orientation to Online Learning course before beginning another course
*Online courses cannot be audited
*Open Studies students are not eligible to enroll in Practicums

Community Conduct Standards

I have read, understood and agree to sign a covenant regarding the community conduct standards outlined in the Vanguard Student Handbook *


Paying through this form involves the following steps:
  1. Complete this form.
  2. Once you have been billed, you will receive an email from the Student Finance Office.
  3. Pay using one of the payment options outlined below.
Payment Required *


The Student Finance Administrator will apply a credit to a student’s account upon receipt of a “Course Change Form”, signed and dated by the student and the Registrar. The student is entitled to a refund, net of change/withdrawal fees, as follows:

  • 1-7 calendar days after the First Day of Class - 100% refund on Tuition and Fees (Program Fees are non-refundable following the 7thday after the first day of class)
  • 8-14 calendar days after the First Day of Class - 75% refund on Tuition and Fees
  • 15-21 calendar days after the First Day of Class - 50% refund on Tuition and Fees
  • 22 days or more after the First Day of Class - 0% refund on Tuition and Fees

 A $25.00 fee per course will be charged for each course drop submitted after the seventh day following the first day of classes.

See the student handbook for the tuition refund policy as it applies to cluster and modular courses. A different refund schedule is in effect for these courses.