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Course Requested

I would like to take a course: *
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PLEASE NOTE:  Before registering for a course, you will be required to take the Orientation to Online Learning Course.  Please register for this course first.
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*Students may take a maximum of two courses at a time up to five courses before they are required to apply and be enrolled in a program
*IBOLT students are required to take the Orientation to Online Learning course before begininng another course
*IBOLT courses cannot be audited
*Students taking TESOL Level 1 are eligible to register for all spring courses with an Open Studies Form
*Open Studies students are not eligible to enroll in Practicums


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Courses dropped after the course change date are subject to financial penalty:
1-7 calendar days after Registration day±            100% refund on tuition
8-14 calendar days after Registration day±            75% refund on tuition
15-21 calendar days after Registration day±           50% refund on tuition
 No Refunds Thereafter 
- $25 course change fee will be waived for 1-7 calendar days after Registration day.
- IBOLT tuition is held on the student's account as a credit for a period of 12 months from the drop date.
- Modular courses are subject to the modular course policy (available in the Student Handbook).
- The following fees are non-refundable: Orientation Week fee, Administration fee, and Program fee.
±When there is no Registration day in a semester, the first day of class is to be considered Registration day.
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