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Ministry Questionnaire

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**Note: If you are interested in helping us out with Kidstitute, Family camp, or Living Hope Bible camp, you must find your own way of transportation as we will not be going back to Edmonton in between those weeks of camp*

Spiritual History

Please list three adults that you have known for at least one year and who have a definite knowledge of your character and ability to work with children.  You may include one reference from a relative, but must also include references from your Children's Pastor, employer or teacher.
Personal Authorization
Parential Authorization

Police Record Check (Vulnerable Sector)

If you are 16 years or older, and are approved to Travel with us, you must bring with you to Training Days a completed Police Record check.  Make sure that you fill out the vulnerable sector portion of the form when filling it out.  If you have any questions, please contact me at Hayley.neufeld@vanguardcollege.com, or 780-452-0808.


Training Days

If you are approved to travel with us this summer, you will be required to attend our Training Days weekend (Dates TBD). This is a time where we dedicated to team building and equipping the youth to lead children during camp.

 Location: Vanguard College