Undergraduate Studies International Application – Part A

(Outside of Canada and USA)

Deadline for Part A of the Application:  May 1 for September Intake, September 1 for January Intake

To be considered for enrolment at Vanguard College, please fill in the information below as completely and accurately as possible.

Note: This Application Form is for International students ONLY.   Students from Canada and USA please click here.
This application will not be processed by our Admissions Department until the $100 application fee is paid.

Due to the College policies and requirements of Citizenship & Immigration Canada the admissions procedure for international students may require additional information and processing time. This is Part A of the International Student Application Form.  Part B will be provided to applicants that meet eligibility criteria after successful completion of Part A.

Student Information

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Financial Plan:
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I hereby declare that the questions above have been answered accurately, and that should I
be admitted to Vanguard College, I will agree to submit to all the policies and regulations of
the college. The information provided by the applicant will be used solely for the purpose of
admission and to fulfill the mission of Vanguard College
Entering your name in the following box signifies an acceptance with the above statement.
PLEASE NOTE: You are about to submit Part A of your application. Please proofread your application and make any required edits or changes before hitting "Next".