Vanguard Online Entering Students
Scholarships & Bursaries 

Please review each section to determine what Scholarships & Bursaries are available.
The application must be received within 3 months of starting the Orientation to Online Learning course, and prior to the start of your first courses.  
- Scholarship & Bursary Application Form
- Admission Application
- Final Transcript(s) (included in Admission Application)
- Letter regarding ministerial status, if applying for the Ministry Discount

General Information

  • Students must be enroled in a program and taking a minimum of 7 credits within a study period
  • Eligibility begins after the Online Orientation course is complete and the minimum credits are registered for
  • Discounts will be applied for each course taken in the first two study periods  
  • Discount is applied to tuition costs only, fees and textbooks costs are not eligible for discount
Please direct any questions regarding scholarships and bursaries to

Entrance Scholarship (10%)

The students must have an average of 75% in five Grade 12 subjects, as seen on their Official High School Transcript. The courses included in the average must consist of the following:
  • At least 1 Language Arts course
  • At least 1 Math or Science course
  • At least 1 Social Sciences, Fine Arts, or other Language courses
  • Up to 2 in any area
  • Or an approved grade 12 matriculation substitute
Post-Secondary Transcripts or a SAT may be considered provided that, the student has completed a Grade 12 diploma and at least one full semester (12 credits) of study at the Post-Secondary level. 

Ministry Bursary (10%)

  • Student must be working serving in a Permanent Ministry position (20+ hours per week)
         - I.e., The student must be a paid or unpaid staff/team member at the given ministry  
  • Letter from church or ministry must be provided with application

Preview Day Bursary ($300)

  • Available to students who enroll in full-time studies within 3 years of attending a Vanguard College Preview Day.
  • The bursary will be dispersed to the student's account for their first term of studies.

Family Financial Assistance Bursary (10%)

One of the following must be applicable:
  • Student Sibling attending Vanguard College Full-time*
  • Each student must be an unmarried offspring under the age of 25
  • Student Spouse attending Vanguard College  Full-time*

  • Student Dependant attending Vanguard College  Full-time*
    • Dependents are considered unmarried offspring under the age of 25
  • Parent is an Alumni
    • Student’s parent graduated from Vanguard College, or Northwest Bible College with a certificate, diploma or degree

  • Parent is in Ministry 
    • Student’s parent is involved in full-time ministry as a pastor or missionary.
    • Student is an unmarried offspring under age 25
    • A letter stating the parent’s current Full-Time ministerial placement from the appropriate District Office or the Overseas department is required 
* Full-Time student is defined as taking a minimum of 10 credits

55+ Discount (20%)

  • Student must be 55 years of age or older
  • Must provide proof of age
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