1) Volunteer Alongside a Swim Lesson Provider! 

Volunteers can locate a Make a Splash Local Partner in their area, through our Swim Lesson Finder, to help with a variety of tasks (at the discretion of the Local Partner).

2) Be a Water Safety Ambassador! 

You can sign up to share the importance of learning to swim and being safer around the water with the kids in your community! Books, lesson plans, and educational materials are available for you to share with your local schools, community organizations, and at local events.

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If you're interested in volunteering alongside a Swim Lesson Provider, locate one in your area by searching on our
Swim Lesson Finder HEREEnsure you see the "Make a Splash" Logo next to their location. Click "Request a Callback" and fill out the request! 
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The USA Swimming Foundation serves as the philanthropic arm of USA Swimming.  Established in 2004, the
Foundation works to strengthen the sport by saving lives and building champions—in the pool and in life.  Whether
we’re equipping our children with the lifesaving skill of learn-to-swim, or providing financial support to our heroes
on the U.S. National Team, the USA Swimming Foundation aims to provide the wonderful experience of swimming
to kids at all levels across the country.
Questions?  Contact the USA Swimming Foundation at foundation@usaswimming.org or call 719-866-3235.
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