Application to Host Officials Qualifying Meet

Application Instructions

Complete each portion of the form.  Refer to the Qualifying Meets for National Certification Instructional document for guidance.  Prior to submission, all National Evaluators for the meet must review the application and meet announcement for any discrepancies or concerns.  Questions and issues should be resolved with the Meet Referee, LSC Officials Chair and Evaluators. Level of permitted evaluations will be dependent on National Evaluator availability, the number of sessions, the age of athletes, and the level of competition.  The National Officials Committee OQM sub-committee will make final determination as to the meets OQM viability and level of evaluations permitted.

The LSC Officials Chair is responsible for submission of the application and all communication. A notice of “Receipt of Application” will be sent to the applicant’s email address as soon as it is received. 

Required Prior to Submission and Review
Please attest that: *
Application is being submitted to USA Swimming for consideration a minimum of 30 days prior to meet start date.
National Evaluators, Meet Referee and LSC Officials Chair have reviewed the application and meet announcement and are in agreement as to National Championship protocol and level of evaluations
This meet has been sanctioned by the LSC.
This meet and its sessions have been entered into SWIMS 3.0.
A final sanctioned meet announcement has been submitted with this application, or web-link to a viewable copy.
I, the LSC Officials Chair, attest that all information provided is accurate and the process has been adhered too.

Application Information

Meet Type *

For non-LSC Championship Meets the meet must be open to officials in the Region for assignment and/or evaluation.

Meet Information

Please include a link to the Meet
Announcement OR upload the PDF.

Please upload a pdf of LSC Championship

Rules & Protocols if not stated in the

entirety in the meet announcement.

Contact Information

Meet Director
LSC Officials Chair
Meet Referee*
OQM Contact**

*If the Meet Referee is not an N2 or N3 Deck Referee, a National Evaluator must be present for all evaluated sessions of the meet. 

**Contact for officials inquiring about the meet if not the Meet Referee. This will be posted on USA Swimming web-site.

Official Qualifying Meet Information

This meet will be staffed according to the OQM Minimum Staffing Guidelines. If no, please explain. *
  • For an OQM there must be a minimum of 2 days and 4 sessions meeting requirements for official observation.
  • Total number of OQM sessions will be determined by the OQM Sub-committee.
Please attest that: *
Meet will follow USA rules.
The MR agrees to run the meet using deck protocol approaching that expected at high level, national caliber meets.
The National Scratch rule will be used. (LSC modifications are permitted as long as the overall process is intact.)
A fully automatic timing system will be used
A broad range of senior events in most evaluation sessions (some sessions may be age group, 13-14, sessions). LSC Age Group Championships may be exempted from the “senior” event requirement.
The meet is expected to attract and include swimmers capable of achieving qualifying times for Futures and above.

Evaluator Information

Evaluator 1
Evaluator 2
Evaluator 3
Evaluator 4
Evaluator 5
Evaluator 6
Please use "N/A" if there are more fields above than required by your meet. 
Thank you for completing your Officials Qualifying Meet Application. Please do not forget to submit your application by selecting "Submit" below.
The National Officials Committee OQM Sub-Committee will review your application and make make final determination as to the meets OQM viability and level of evaluations permitted.
Please reach out to Macie McNichols at if you have questions regarding the application or the submission process. 
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