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University of Pennsylvania Corporate Travel Card Credit Refund Request Form
University-sponsored travel card cardholders may submit credit refund requests through this Credit Refund Request Form when an overpayment occurs on an individual corporate travel card account.  Refund requests for both Bank of America and American Express corporate travel cards can be processed using this form.  In submitting the request, the requester must be aware of the following:
     1. The cardholder is responsible for performing his or her credit card transaction analysis and    ensuring that the request represents a valid refund claim.
     2. The cardholder is responsible for providing a justifiable explanation and all necessary supporting documentation for his/her Business Administrator's review and approval.
    3. The Cardholder's credit card account balance must have a sufficient credit balance at the time of the refund request.  (Bank of America and AMEX will not issue a credit refund check if there is not sufficient credit balance on your card account.)
Upon submitting the refund request, the School/Center Business Administrator will receive a copy of the request via e-mail. The Business Administrator will review the refund request and approve or reject via e-mail to Penn’s central card administrator.
Once a request is fully approved and submitted to the card provider, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the Business Administrator and the cardholder.
The cycle time to process the request and issue payment is approximately three weeks, and payment will be issued by the card provider. The cardholder should avoid using the credit card until he or she receives the refund check
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*(Refund check will be issued to this home address.  The address cannot be a PO Box or an International Location

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It is recommended that you print this page for your records prior to submitting the request.