President of the General Assembly's High-level Meeting on Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace

Stakeholders: Apply to speak or attend


18 March 2018 – Apply to speak or for Stakeholder Selection Committee
31 March 2018 – Apply to attend as an observer


The President of the General Assembly is convening a two-day high-level meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday, 24-25 April 2018 at United Nations Headquarters in New York with the aim to discuss ways to support peace in practice. The format of the high-level meeting consists of an opening segment, a high-level plenary debate, four interactive dialogues and a closing segment.

At the request of the Office of the President of the General Assembly (OPGA), UN-NGLS and the United Nations Peacebuilding Support Office are facilitating a process to identify 8 stakeholder respondents to speak from the floor during the interactive dialogues, and for stakeholders to apply to attend this event as observers.
Two stakeholder respondents are to be identified for each of the following 4 interactive dialogues through this process:
1) Interactive Dialogue I - Sustainable Financing for Peace
2) Interactive Dialogue II - Strengthening the United Nations Work on Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace in the Field
3) Interactive Dialogue III - Strategic Partnerships with the United Nations in the Field for Peace
4) Interactive Dialogue IV - UN Comprehensive and Integrated Approach to Peace
For the selected respondents:
> Travel funding will be available from the UN to support the participation of the selected stakeholder respondents in this meeting. The selected respondents will need to make their own visa arrangements, if needed for travel to the US, and cover the cost of the visa.
For approved observers:
> Travel funding is NOT available from the UN to support the participation of stakeholder observers in this meeting.
> Representatives not selected for the speaking roles who are approved to attend the meeting as observers will need to secure their own funding for travel, accommodation and subsistence, and also need to make their own visa arrangements, if applicable. The United Nations cannot provide invitation letters to stakeholders approved to attend the meeting as observers.

Before submitting an application to attend the event, please:
1) Review the background information for this event:
2) Confirm that the candidate meets all of the following criteria:
    • is a representative of a stakeholder organization that has had a long-term programmatic focus on peacebuilding and sustaining peace;
    • has demonstrated the ability to engage constructively with a variety of stakeholders;
    • is available to be in New York on 24-25 April 2018;
    • has a visa for travel to New York, or is able to obtain one for travel to New York without assistance from the UN. Please check with the US Embassy or Consulate in the candidate's country or place of residence.

UN-NGLS will facilitate a stakeholder Selection Committee for the evaluation and short-listing of the candidates for the respondent speaking roles to be presented to OPGA for their consideration. The Committee will ensure regional and gender balance, and diversity of constituency and expertise in the overall set of candidates. The President of the General Assembly will make the final selection of the speakers for this event.

Apply for the Stakeholder Selection Committee here by 18 March 2018:
Apply for respondent speaking roles or to attend the event using the form below. Deadlines are at the top of this form.

All applications received to speak at the event, or attend as an observer can be viewed here:
For the questions preceded by a # in the form, responses will not be made public.

1) Government bodies and intergovernmental organizations please do not use this registration form. Please observe standard protocol arrangements via your official UN delegation or organization.

2) Capacity for observers is limited for this event. During application review, considerations will include sufficiency and quality of responses to the application questions, relevant expertise, regional and gender balance, and diversity of expertise, constituency, and age.

3) Applicants will be added to the UN-NGLS email list to receive notifications of decisions. An option to unsubscribe will be provided for if you do not wish to remain on the list.

Save & Return

We highly recommend that you create a Save & Return account before starting the form so that you can save your progress, and return later to edit the application if necessary.

I. Personal Information

Type of organization *
Which of the 6 official UN languages do you speak? *
Do you have a valid UN Grounds Pass for UN Headquarters in New York? *
If you indicated that you need travel funding, and you are not ultimately selected to speak as a respondent, do you still want to be considered to attend the event as observer without travel funding? *

II. Organization Information

Is your organization in consultative status with UN ECOSOC? (See instructions below to check. Please note, it is not a requirement for your organization to be in consultative status with ECOSOC to apply for this event.) *
Additional information may be requested based on your response to the question above.
To verify an organization's ECOSOC status:
(1) Visit and type your organization's name into the search field in top right corner of that web page.

(2) Click the "Go" button or return key on your keyboard to see if your organization is listed.

(3) If you see your organization's name, click on it to go to your orgnanization's profile page.
(4) If the organization has consultative status, it will say "Special" or "General" or "Roster" and the year.
To obtain the link to your CSOnet web page showing your ECOSOC status:
(1) Follow the instructions above for verifying your status
(2) After reaching the profile page for your organization, copy the link from the address bar at top of the browser tab.

(3) Paste that link in the cell above.

II a. For organizations that are NOT in consultative status with UN ECOSOC

Please provide the documents requested below if possible.
If we do not receive sufficient documentation to establish the standing of your organization, you may not be approved to participate in the high-level event.

III. Professional experience

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