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Mental Health

Featuring: Eli Fleischmann UWGT Speakers Bureau (Mental Health Advocate, Canadian Mental Health Association) & Ruth Crammond, VP Community Investment & Development – UWGT

Eli shares the story of his son who succumbed to the challenges of mental illness and the support he received through a United Way funded agency. He hopes that one day we’ll be able to eliminate the stigma that surrounds mental illness so agencies can better provide support to those who are suffering.


Featuring: Cat Padmore UWGT Speakers Bureau (Madison Community Services) & Bill Sinclair, CEO of The Neighbourhood Group

Like so many, Cat experienced housing insecurity in many forms throughout her life. After experiencing street life as a young adult, she accessed a United Way funded agency on her journey to stable housing.

Youth Employment & Financial Stability

Featuring: Alexia Schell UWGT Speakers Bureau & Nation Cheong, VP Community Opportunities & Mobilization – UWGT

Impacted by her mother’s death, a 20 year old Alexia put her education and plans aside to raise her younger school-aged siblings. After years of focusing on her family, Alexia took the time to invest in herself by participating in a United Way funded program that helped prepare her for the workforce.

Food Insecurity 

Featuring: Paul Taylor, Executive Director of FoodShare Toronto & Juneeja Varghese, Manager, Neighbourhoods, United Way Greater Toronto

Food insecurity is an #UNIGNORABLE issue here at home. There are a shocking number of people who have to make the tough choice between paying rent or putting food on the table. Hear from Paul Taylor—ED of FoodShare and someone who faced food insecurity as a child—and United Way’s Juneeja Varghese, Manager, Neighbourhoods, about how United Way and our network of agencies are tackling the issue head-on.

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