Cali's Gift

Cali's Gift has been provided by Cali's family in honor of her life and legacy to help others. This program is a part of The TEARS Foundation and financially assists parents whose child (ages 13-20) has died due to drug related issues or completed suicide.

After you submit this form, we will contact you within 48 hours to go over details. If you are only interested in emotional support, you only need to fill out section 1. If you are requesting financial assistance, we ask that you exhaust other options which may be available to you prior to applying for the financial assistance. If you need the application expedited or would like an update on the status of your application, contact Margaret Pilon, Program Director, at (732)610-8771 or

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If you are requesting information on non-financial services only, you do not need to fill out this section and may go directly to the end of the form and click submit.

Cali's Gift Financial Funeral Assistance Guidelines (only): Child is between 13 - 20 years old and died due to drug related causes and/or completed suicide. If you do not qualify under these guidelines, you may still utilize other TEARS services. Contact TEARS For more assistance (253) 200-0944 or

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If you are choosing funeral assistance only, skip this section and go to section 4.

Counseling services are provided through a TEARS approved counselor and need to be applied for through Cali's Gift within 6 months of child's death. If you have a counselor that is not on The TEARS Foundation's list of approved counselors, we can reach out to check with them on getting approved. Either have them contact TEARS at (253) 200-0944 or list their name and contact information and we will call them directly.

If you do not need funeral assistance you may skip the next section and choose submit.

Additional Information for Funeral Assistance (section 4)

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