For over 90 years, family owned and operated Lassus has operated with a sense of responsibility for the well-being of all our employees and their families and to the customers we serve. It is a matter of civic pride. That perspective is the driving force behind all we do. Clean store environments, customer courtesy, good compensation and working conditions are all part of our daily operations. Lassus also shares its profits within our communities.

The Lassus Foundation was started as a continuing way to give back to our communities, and do it in a fair way. Presently, the Lassus Foundation donates to over 60 charities. Customers of Lassus also have been given the opportunity of choosing their favorite charity from that list.

Our stores run community-driven fundraisers several times per year. With the support of our amazing and generous customers, these fundraisers have made an important impact on our communities.

Each store team is also given a piece of the profit each year to invest back into their local communities. From little league sponsorships, to local festivals, to school supply drives – these dollars make an impact in unique and important ways.


To qualify for consideration, funding requests/requesters should meet the following qualifications:
• The request must be on behalf of a church, governmental entity or non-profit organization classified by the IRS as a Section 501(c)(3) public charity.
• The request must clearly state a specific need with a clear method for measuring the efficacy of the initiative.
• According to the IRS, the Lassus Foundation cannot make direct grants to individuals for any purpose, no matter how charitable such a direct grant would be.

Recognizing that all charitable initiatives are important, review and approval of all requests are typically made in September of each year by thoughtful consideration of the Lassus Foundation Executive Committee.