Get Back To School & Work Safely Program


Anytime. Anywhere. Access To MDCare.
Students and enrollees now have 24/7 access to U.S. board certified physicians using their smartphone, tablet or computer. Treatments available for:
Sore Throat / Sinus Infections / Cold/Flu / Bronchitis / Allergies / Urinary Infections
Respiratory Infection / Skin Rashes / Pink Eye / Stomach Ache / Fever / Headaches
Diarrhea / Poison Ivy / Insect Bites / Dehydration / Sprains/Strains / Minor Cuts
Ear Infection / Many More.....

Behavioral Counseling

Behavioral Counseling is available 24/7 by phone. Counselors can assist with a multitude of issues including Conflicts at school/work/home. Relationship Issues. Stress or Anxiety. Depression. Co-dependency. Sexual, physical or emotional abuse. Parenting Issues. Financial Stress. Difficulty communicating with others. Child or elder care matters. Eating disorders. Reliance on alcohol, tobaccco or drugs. Many more.....

Discount Lab Services and Prescription Savings

Students and enrollees can request lab services at discounted rates from 40% to 70% from Quest and/or LabCorp. Students can purchase lab tests online and results will be emailed within 24 to 48 hours.
Students and enrollees can save from 35% to 80% on prescription cost.
Exclusive Pricing For CGE
This valuable service is only $72.00 per student and enrollee, per year with a $0.00 consultation fee.
*Optional Add-On: Behavioral Counseling $84.00 per year with a $0.00 consultation fee.
Please select the program best for you. *
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