Beautiful Feet Boot Camp Application for Admission
The training at Beautiful Feet Boot Camp (BFBC) is not merely in the realm of technicalities,
methodologies, and strategies for becoming a good missionary. We desire to prepare you as a
whole person. The training here will address your personal spiritual life, your relationships
(family, peers, authorities), as well as specifics of cross-cultural church-planting. Please do not
be overwhelmed by this application. Any negative information that you relate will not discount
eligibility. Rather, it will help our staff to better determine the nature of your calling and the
specific ways to minister to you and to facilitate your training.


Beautiful Feet Boot Camp training necessitates a limited student class size each program
year. Because of these limitations, we use the following grid of criteria to determine student
acceptance into the program:

• Student qualification requirements
• Financial support
• Academic aptitude
• Assessment of social, emotional and spiritual maturity
• Reference assessments
• Language barriers
• Approval Committee consensus
• Director’s judgment

Explanation of Acceptance Procedures

1) All applicants must meet program qualification requirements. This does not mean
living in “perfection.” IT DOES MEAN that with God’s grace, mercy and help, the
applicant has a teachable heart, a “willing to be led” attitude and has been exhibiting a
desire to please God with his or her life and lifestyle.

2) The applicant must be able to pay tuition. This does not mean that the tuition must be
paid in full at the beginning of the program. However, there must be evidence that God
will meet the financial need, as shown through the applicant’s previous experience
and/or consensus of the Approval Committee.

3) The applicant, through his or her application and school transcripts, must show an
academic aptitude to successfully accomplish the curriculum requirements.

4) The applicant’s background, gifting, life experience, skills, social maturity, emotional
maturity, and spiritual maturity will be assessed to determine acceptance. We are not
looking for “spiritual giants.” We utilize this information of all applicants to produce the
best possible class (student body) mix.

5) Applicants’ recommendation letters and possible phone and follow-up interviews with
references play a pivotal role in acceptance.

6) If an applicant is not a United States citizen, their abilities with spoken and written
English will be taken into consideration.

7) Much prayer is given regarding each applicant as well as the entire class make-up;
therefore Approval Committee agreement on applicants’ acceptance is required.

8) The Directors’ judgment is the final criterion for acceptance.
This application is for those desiring to attend Beautiful Feet Boot Camp. This application is to be completed and filed with BFBC. Included in the application process are:

• Instructions
• Application
• Relationship Guidelines
• Doctrinal Statement
• Reference info (we ask for a pastor reference plus two references from either an employee, teacher, co-worker, friend, etc...)

1. Please submit the following with your application and reference forms:

• Application Fee: $50.00 (non-refundable) must come with application.

2. Each adult (16-years-old and up) applicant is expected to complete their own application. In the case of a married couple, both spouses need to complete their own application. In the case of a married couple with children, both spouses and any children who are 16-years-old and above need to complete their own application.
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