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Sunday Only $20 for 52 weeks ~ Weekend Edition additional $19 for 52 weeks

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You are signing up for a 1 year (52 weeks) Subscription for the Salt Lake Tribune and/or Deseret Morning News.  Both papers recieve the same coupons and ads each week. You will get the SmartSource insert weekly and the Proctor and Gamble insert monthly. There are no coupon inserts over holiday weekends.

Each Sunday Edition will cost $20 for 52 week, which is equal to just $.38 per week
If you would like to subscribe to the Weekend Edition it will be an additional $19 for 52 weeks
($39 total for 52 weeks, or just $.75 per week)
There is a limit of 2 Salt Lake Tribunes and 2 Deseret Morning News per household. 
If you choose all 4 Sunday papers, your total will be $80.00, which is only $1.52/week!
These special rates are for NEW or ADD-ON subscriptions only. 
If your household has not had an active account in the last 30 days, you are considered a NEW subscriber. 
If your household has a current subscription, do not cancel! You can add up to 3 additional papers to your existing subscription for only $20.00 for each paper. Please note that we cannot renew any current subscription.  If you have received a renewal notice for any active subscriptions, you DO NOT qualify. 

When it is time for you to renew your papers, you will receive an invoice in the mail from Media One.
If you choose not to renew at that time, you must call Media One to cancel.

 Unless you call to cancel your subscription it will continue after the 52 weeks and you will continue to be billed for those papers you receive. If you have any delivery issues, please contact Media One Customer Service at 801-204-6100.

Current Subscriber or New Customer?

* Are you a Current or New Subscriber?
* Non-cancellation policy - Please note that if you are receiving a renewal notice for any active subscriptions, you DO NOT qualify at this time. You must renew through Media One. If you choose not to renew and cancel, you must wait 30 days to be considered a new subscriber.

Current Subscriber

* SLT add-ons ~ Salt Lake Tribune Sunday paper (you can upgrade to the weekend edition later)
(Maximum 2 SLT papers per household)
DMN add new ~ Subscribe to the Deseret Morning News Sunday paper
(Maximum 2 DMN papers per household) OPTIONAL
* DMN add-ons ~ Additional Deseret Morning News Sunday paper
(Maximum 2 DMN papers per household)
SLT add new ~ Subscribe to the Salt Lake Tribune Sunday paper
(Maximum 2 SLT papers per household) OPTIONAL

New Subscriber

* New Subscriber
What Sunday newspsper(s) do you want to subscribe to? (Maximum 2 SLT & 2 DMN per household)
* DMN new ~ I want to subscribe to the Deseret Morning News (Maximum 2 DMN papers per household)
* BOTH new ~ I want to subscribe to BOTH the Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret Morning News (Maximum 2 of each paper per household)
* SLT new ~ I want to subscribe to the Salt Lake Tribune (Maximum 2 SLT papers per household)

Weekend Edition Upgrade

* Would you like to upgrade 1 of your new Subscriptions to the Weekend Edition for an additional $19 for 52 weeks? Delivery includes the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday paper. LDS Church news is delivered in the Saturday edition of the Deseret Morning News.

Total Amount Due

If you ordered:

1 Sunday paper ~ Your total will be $20 ~
2 Sunday papers ~ Your total will be $40 ~
3 Sunday papers ~ Your total will be $60 ~
4 Sunday papers ~ Your total will be $80 ~
1 Upgrade to the weekend edition ~ Your total is an additional $19 ~
Your order total will be confirmed when you click CONTINUE at the bottom of the page.

Payment Information

To protect your credit card information, you will need to submit your payment by phone.
(Why is payment not taken on-line? Your order and payment are not processed upon submitting this form.  We are a vendor for Media One.  We collect orders all week from our affiliated bloggers and Coupon Classes. We fill out an official paper order form on your behalf, just as you would if you ordered at a coupon class. Orders are turned in to Media One on Saturday's.  Media One will process your order and charge your credit card the following week to start delivery that following Sunday.  This is why we can't take credit card info via an online form, as we do not process your credit card.)
AFTER submitting this form, call Janica Ellsworth directly with your credit/debit card number ready.  Simply say "I've submitted my form for the newspapers and I'm calling to make my payment!". 
Janica ~ 801-698-6108
Number will also appear on the confirmation
page after you submit this form.
Janica is a representative for Grocery Smarts/Strataband inc.  She will verify your personal info over the phone.  If you are unable to get through, please leave a message with your name and best contact phone number and she will return your call as soon as she is able.  
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