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Long Beach Press Telegram, Los Angeles Daily News, & Torrance Daily Breeze

Each paper has a certain delivery area and ONLY delivers within that area.
You are signing up for the Sunday paper listed above that delivers to YOUR area.
Delivery is only available to certain zip codes within the:
(within Los Angeles County only).
If you live either IN or AROUND the areas of Pasadena, San Gabriel Valley, Inland Valley, San Bernardino or Whittier area,

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Subscription Information

You are signing up for a 26 week (6 month) Sunday only subscription to either the:
Long Beach Press Telegram, LA Daily News OR Torrance Daily Breeze.
If you are a CURRENT subscriber, you can add up to four more Sunday papers for $30 each for 26 weeks (that's just $1.15 per Sunday paper!!).
If you are a NEW subscriber, your first subscription will be $30 for 26 weeks and then you can add additional Sunday papers for $30 each for 26 weeks (that's just $1.15 per Sunday paper!!).
You can subscribe to a MAXIMUM of 5 Sunday newspapers per address.

You will receive the SmartSource, Red Plum, AND Proctor & Gamble inserts in your newspapers
You will receive MULTIPLE copies of the same newspaper you are subscribing to in your area.
If you have any delivery issues, please contact the newspaper directly at:
Long Beach Press Telegram - 562-499-1222
LA Daily News - 818-713-3131
Torrance Daily Breeze - 310-540-4141

Payment Information

Please note that your credit card will not be charged upon submission of this form.  Forms are submitted to the newspaper on Wednesdays.  Your payment will be charged at that time.
It can take up to 3 Sundays for your newspapers to start arriving.

If you feel more comfortable calling in your credit card information, please contact
Amy Thompson at 562.507.1605.
Thank you!
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