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Can I bring in outside food or drink? 

All outside food, cakes & drinks are prohibited unless they are consumed in one of our private rooms included in birthday party package or private room rentals.  

Private room rental : A $25 cleaning fee is assessed for bringing in out side food including cakes/ice-cream (outside pizzas, and drinks not allowed) 

Birthday party package : The cleaning fee is waived for birthday party packages if you are only bringing Cake, cupcakes, or cookies for your party to be consumed in the private room. You can bring in out side food and ice-cream for an additional cleaning fee of $25  (outside pizzas and drinks not allowed)

NOTE: Sky Zone does not permit out side drinks or pizzas in the facility - All pizzas and drinks must be purchased from Sky Zone. A Variety of items such as Dippin Dots ice cream, Candy/Chips, Nacho Cheese, Cotton Candy are available to purchase from Sky Zone and can be added to your party. 

What is the youngest age allowed to jump or have a party at Sky Zone Durham? 

At Sky Zone, our philosophy is: if they can walk, they can jump.

What is needed to book a party? 

We require contact information (name, phone number, email address, etc.) and information about the Guest of Honor (name, birthday, age, etc.) when booking a party, room rental, or group event. At the time of the booking we require a 50% deposit of the total party price. Deposits are applied to the party, event, or room rental balance and fully refundable 14 Days prior to the event.

How much is the deposit and is it refundable? 

We require a deposit that is half the anticipated cost of your event. The deposit if fully refundable up to 14 days before your event. After 14 days, it is no longer refundable. If you wish to change the date of your event, you can reschedule one time without penalty.

Should I tip my event host? 

Parties at Sky Zone Durham are full service. Our party hosts work hard so you can be with the loved ones enjoying the party. Party host will entertain your guests before the jump time, set up the party room, serve food and drinks - just to name a few of their responsibilities. If you are pleased with the WoW experience your Party Host provided, feel free to tip them! However, we cannot put tips on a credit or debit card. If you would like to tip your host, please bring cash.

How do I put down my deposit? 

We accept card payments when booking online, over the phone, and in person. We also accept cash deposits when booking in person. Unfortunately, we do not accept American Express. 

Do I need to fill out waivers if my kids have been there before? 

No, as long as your waiver was filled out within the past year. If you provide us with a guest list a few days before your party, we can check to see which jumpers have waivers on file. 

Can I sign the waiver for kids coming to the party that are not mine? 

No, only parents or legal guardians can fill out waivers for jumpers under 18. Waivers can be filled out at Sky Zone Durham or online at We do not provide paper waivers.

What times of the day and what days do you do parties? 

Our parties start on the hour and are available every day, during our normal business hours. Since our parties last 1 hour and 40 minutes, the last party of the day will start 2 hours before we close.

Is there any entry fee for parents/family that want to stay and watch? 

No, we only charge for anyone who is jumping. We encourage parents and other party guests who are not jumping to stay and watch.

Can I add on to a party package? If so, what can I add? 

Our party packages are very customizable. You can add on pizzas, pizza toppings, jumpers, goodie bags, cake, etc. We even have a magician as a party add-on! Some add-ons, such as pizza and goodie bags, can be done the day of your party. Add-ons like cake and the magician will need to be done ahead of time and are subject to availability.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my package at any time? 

A 48 hours notice is required to upgrade or downgrade a party package and we will do so as long as the package you want to switch to is available. We cannot guarantee that another package is available, especially the day of your party.

What do I need to bring on the day of the party?

All you need to bring are the guests, the camera and the cake. We will take care of everything else!

How early do we need to check in? 

We recommend all party guests arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled jump time. This allows all guests to fill out waivers and get checked in before your jump time starts.

How long do I have in my party room after jumping? 

All of our party packages include 40 minutes in a private party room. For room rentals, rooms are available in 40 minute increments.

Why is the time of the party room limited to 40 minutes? 

Because we have parties every hour, we need time to make sure each room is clean and ready for the next party. If you would like to purchase extra room time, please let us know in advance and we will try to accommodate your request. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to have extra time in the room, especially the day of your party.

Can our party jump after our party room time? 

Yes, as long as you purchase jump time for after the party. Extra jump time can be purchased ahead of time online or the day of your party, if time is available. We do not recommend jumping on a full stomach!

What kind of cake can I add to my party and where is it from? 

We provide cakes delicious cakes from Nantucket Grill. They offer a variety of cake options and specialty cakes in ¼ sheet cake and ½ sheet cake sizes. Feel free to call us for all of your cake options.

Can I bring ice cream? 

Yes, but we cannot guarantee that we will have freezer space. Ask your Event Host or the Event Assistant and he or she will be able to let you know. We do not recommend bringing coolers.

How big is the pizza and where is it from? 

Pizzas included in party packages are Donna Italia, 12 inch cheese or pepperoni. Donna Italia pizzas include meticulously selected ingredients from Italy. Pizzas are prepared from true Italian flour blends, olive oil, sugar free dough, a natural and delicate tomato sauce and 100% real Italian mozzarella cheese. Donna Italia uses extended and natural dough rising processes without baking enhancers and preservatives.

What kind of drinks are offered? 

We provide Coke products at Sky Zone Durham. Party packages include bottle water. We also have variety of other beverages that can be added to the party such as ICEE, Juice/Tummie Yummie, Bottled Water, Bottled Soda.

Are the SkySocks included? 

Yes, all party packages include SkySocks for each jumper. If you would like to purchase extra socks, you may do so at our main counter.

Are utensils/candles/plates/decorations provided? 

Yes, we provide plain utensils, plates, candles, etc. We also have a basic “Happy Birthday” banner to decorate the rooms. If you would like any themed tableware or decorations, you are welcome to bring them. We do not allow confetti, silly string, piñatas, or loose glitter. Let your Party Host know if you have any decorations.

Can I bring party favors/goodie bags? 

Yes, just let your Party Host know that you have goodie bags when you arrive.

What should I do with my gifts/shoes/stuff? 

We provide a cart for each party, room rental, or group event. You can use the cart to hold your party supplies, cake, gifts, shoes, etc.

What does the birthday boy/girl get? 

As part of our party packages, we give a free Sky Zone birthday shirt and two 30 minute jump passes to each Guest of Honor. The jump passes do not include SkySocks, so make sure you keep your socks for your next visit 

Is dodgeball guaranteed? 

No, dodgeball is not guaranteed. We separate dodgeball players by age and size. We are always willing to start up a dodgeball game if enough people of the same age / size range want to play!