2PC Youth Reference Form

Youth Ministry Internship
Second Presbyterian Church
4055 Poplar Ave
Memphis, TN 38111
Thank you so much for being willing to be a part of the application process for our summer internship/2-year resident program. It will become a part of the applicant's application and will be used to help determine his or her suitability for the desired position. No single reference will determine acceptance or refusal, so frank appraisal will be appreciated by both the candidate and the selection committee. All information is confidential. Please be sure to fill out the applicant's name when filling out this reference form so that we know WHO you are referring to.  If you have any questions please email kevin.mcquillen@2pc.org or call us at 901-454-0034. 
Please select whether you are filling this form out for a summer intern applicant of a 2-year resident applicant. *
Please select whether you are filling this form out as a pastor/ministry leader or as a peer. *
Confidential Information Concerning:
Please respond to the following questions clearly and concisely.
2. Please give your frank evaluation of the applicant's:
3. Please rate the candidate with respect to each of the characteristics listed below by checking the appropriate blank. Check N/A for items which you feel you have had no opportunity to observe. Please feel free to add any appropriate modifying element.
A. Initiative *
E. Interpersonal Skills *
B. Responsiveness (to needs/concerns of others) *
F. Physical Health *
C. Teamwork *
G. Leadership Abilities *
D. Sense of Humor *
H. Personal Appraisal *
Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out this reference form. We appreciate it, as does the applicant. You have obviously made an impact on this applicant’s life, so I want to encourage you in that. If you have any questions or would like to talk with me about anything regarding this applicant, please feel free to call me at 901-454-0034, x117. Thank you again for your time, and may God bless you!
By God’s Grace,
Kevin McQuillen
Youth Director, 2PC Memphis