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Whenever God gives us an assignment, He always equips us with what we need to accomplish it. This custom combination of capabilities is called your SHAPE.

Spiritual gifts

Heart (passions)

Abilities (talents or learned interests)



These tools help discover how you are SHAPED by God for service. 

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S - Spiritual Gifts
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H - Heart for...
This section is for you to provide the 3 areas that you have a heart for.  Role, Cause and People.  Please select the top 3. 
Heart for Role
What do you like doing?  
Heart for Cause
What causes or concerns are you passionate about?  *
Heart for People
Who do you like to help?  Who do you enjoy working with the most?  *
A - Abilities
Please select the top 4 abilities you possess. 
What God-given abilities have surfaced throughout your life?   *
P - Personality Style

It is obvious that God does not use a cookie cutter to create people.  He makes us all unique and that includes our own personal style.  God loves variety and He made introverts and extroverts --- He made people who love routine and those who love variety --- He made some “thinkers” and some “feelers” and some “doers”.  How did He make you?

Place a checkmark next to appropriate descriptions.  Add them up and double for total in each of the four boxes. 

No score in any box can exceed 28 points. Your highest score indicates where you fall into the following descriptions. 
C = Coach *
CL = Cheerleader        *
TP = Team Player        *
A = Analyst *
Coach Current Total:        
Cheerleader Current Total:   
Team Player Current Total:        
Analyst Current Total:

C  =  Coach

You will naturally…

CL  =  Cheerleader

You will natura..

T = Team Player

You will naturally..

A =  Analyst

You will naturally…

-Gravitate to positions of leadership

-Be decisive and quick to make decisions

-Avoid chit-chat and want to “get to the point”

-Have the time orientation of “let’s do it now!”

-Love to overcome obstacles and take on challenges

-May not see the impact of your words or criticisms on others

-Says, “Okay team, this is what we need to do!”




-Make life fun!

-Love to talk to others

-Easily get excited and encouraged

-Enjoy groups and high activity level

-Avoid details, close accountability and deadlines

-Have the future oriented time frame of “it’ll all work out!”

-Says, “Go team!  We can do it!”




Want to go deep in your relationships

Express tremendous loyalty to those you love

Listen attentively (and at length) to another’s problems

Be more sensitive to needs of others than other bents

Carry emotional and financial stability

Prefer stability . . . even if it means peace at all costs.

Says, “Remember that we’re a team!”



-Want to do things right and by the book

-Strive for accuracy and quality, not quickness

-See a person’s past as a key to trusting them in the future

-Want clearly defined tasks, limited risk, and an open door environment for asking questions of clarification

-Be very creative in designing helpful systems, if encouraged and allowed to work at your own pace

-Be so good at taking things apart, you can also take people apart and become a strong critic when wronged

--Says, “To be effective this team needs to follow the playbook!


What top 3 ministry areas interest you the most?
Thank you
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