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Business Information

Are you a wholesale business operating in Scotland? *
Are you an AWRS (Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme) registered wholesaler and approved to supply alcohol? *
What is the annual turnover of your business in Scotland?
Do you currently stock locally produced/ regional Scottish products? *
Do you want to increase local sourcing? *
Are you available on March 9th 2022 to attend our meet the wholesaler event? *
Is someone in your business designated responsible for overseeing local sourcing? *
Which temperature regimes do you operate? *
Which routes to market do you currently supply? Tick all that apply. *
If you ticked Foodservice, which sectors do you service?
If you ticked Retail, which sectors do you service?
Which markets do you currently supply? Tick all that apply. *

Programme Questions


By submitting the application, you agree to the following statements:
I am able to commit to attendance and engagement in two half day workshops *
In joining this programme, and where applicable or required, I would be happy to use the offered time with an expert consultant to help develop an action plan aligned to my business objectives *
I commit to providing feedback on benefits and outcomes of the programme to programme organisers. *
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