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Successful Microgrants applications clearly show how they will build affinity and Jewish identity; inspire Jewish opportunities for engagement (cultural, social, recreational, religious); and increase Jewish communal reach across the National Capital Region.

Please note, there is a maximum of three times that a single program can be supported through microgrants, after which, this program is no longer eligible for funding.

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Have questions or concerns about your application? We are happy to help! Please contact Anne Read at aread@jewishottawa.com,  or call (613) 798-4696 ext. 355.

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In evaluating the applications for funding, Federation considers HOW your project/event meets the following criteria. Please describe. *
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How is your event a NEW and creative engagement opportunity?
How will your event build Jewish identity?
What tools will you use to engage new people (unaffiliated or under-affiliated)??
How will you engage those already affiliated, in an innovative way?
How will your event target under-served groups: denominations, geographic areas, age group(s)?

Your Project Budget

Jewish Experience Microgrants fund up to 75% of a program's total cost, to a maximum of $2,500.
Click Calculate below to show 75% of the project total. Any amount over $2500 does not qualify for this grant.
Please list all Projected Expenses: (NOTE that the Projected Expenses should be equal to the total cost of the program, as reported above) *
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Entertainment, Speaker Fees, Activity Expense
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