Norman Lesh Philanthropy Award

The Norman Lesh Philanthropy Award honours the legacy of a tireless community leader.
Norman Lesh, who was born and raised in Ottawa, gave unlimited time, and boundless energy to the betterment of the Jewish and broader community. His devotion transcended philosophic and religious differences. Above all, he inspired and supported initiatives that were both innovative and creative.
As a philanthropist and a businessman, he displayed an ability to see outside of the box. This forward and creative thinking led to the development of unique and hugely successful fundraiser tools that raised millions of dollars for our community and city.
This award now aims at encouraging other innovative thinkers to develop their own philanthropic legacy.
The Norman Lesh Philanthropy Award aims to help creative-minded people and organizations make a difference. The recipient(s) of The Norman Lesh Philanthropy Award must propose an idea for an innovative and creative philanthropic, entrepreneurial activity that offers the potential for ongoing benefits to the Ottawa Jewish community or surrounding communities, including Montreal.
The Awards Committee shall place emphasis on new initiatives that individuals or organizations are attempting to launch. Valued at $3,500, the award will be presented at the Ottawa Jewish Community Foundation Annual General Meeting and is subject to the discretion of the Awards Committee.
Grant application guidelines, along with a list of Frequently Asked Questions, can be found here:
Norman Lesh Philanthropy Award Guidlines 2019

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