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State Bar Committee Appointment Application

Please complete this online application to apply for any of the open committee positions.

Before You Start

The application form has fillable text fields and checkboxes to make completing it easier. Items with an asterisk (*) are required.

Please be sure you upload all the documents noted below before you begin the application process:

  1. Required: Resume or biography (5-page maximum). You will not be able to submit the application without this. If you are an attorney licensed in multiple jurisdictions, please include all bar numbers in your resume. 
  2. Optional (but recommended): Letters of recommendation (3 letter max.)

Application Information

All submitted applications are considered live for two years after date of submission. If you do not wish to be considered beyond the current appointment cycle, please note so to your right.

You may sign the application digitally and submit it online. A PDF copy of your completed application will be sent to the email address you provide.

Contact if you do not receive a copy of your application or have issues completing the form.

Applications are accepted year-round. For a list a current vacancies, please visit the Committee Appointment Opportunities webpage.

Consideration in subsequent cycles *

Committees Appointment Sought
Please indicated which committee(s) you wish to apply to: (select up to 3)
 California Board of Legal SpecializationClient Security Fund CommissionCommittee of Bar ExaminersCommission on Judicial Nominees EvaluationCommittee on Professional Responsibility and ConductCommittee on State Bar Accredited and Registered SchoolsCouncil on Access and FairnessJudicial Council of CaliforniaLaw School CouncilLawyer Assistance Program Oversight CommitteeLegal Services Trust Fund CommissionReview Committee for Commission on Judicial Nominees Evaluation
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Personal Information

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Appointment Application
This section of the application will ask questions regarding yourself and your experiences.
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Volunteer Service

Statement of Interest
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Additional Information

Demographic Information
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Acknowledgments and Final Submittal
By signing below and submitting this application, I declare that each of the answers to the questions in this application to be complete and true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that this application will be forwarded to each committee's selection committee and the Board of Trustees if I am interviewed or nominated.