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JACK ' N JILL : Competition Registration Form

  • The couple Jack 'n Jill cover three seperate styles (Salsa, Bachata, Zouk) at "amateur" and "open" level.
    Couples are paired up randomly and dance against other couples, showcasing their improvisation skills.

  • Couples will be judged based on their musicality, timing, technique and x-factor.

  • Couples dance two songs and are ranked by each judge.
  • Each Jack 'n Jill section allows for a maximum of 8 couples.

  • Costumes are not required for the couple battle and footwear restrictions do not apply to this category.

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World Salsa Solo/Brisbane Latin Dance Festival will not accept responsibility for loss or injury to persons or possessions in relation to this event. World Salsa Solo/Brisbane Latin Dance Festival reserves the right to any photography or filming during the competition/event and it's future use. *
Once you have submitted your registration form you need to purchase your Competitor Pass.

If you are competing in the Choreography categories or Freestyle categories, please submit an additonal Registration Form.

Competitor registration closes on 1 Nov 2019 (choreography categories) and 22 Nov 2019 (battle/freestyle/jack'n'jill categories).

All registration forms, competitor pass purchase and submission of music MUST be finalized by this date.

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