Fort Worden Dance Workshop
September 7-9, 2018
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Friday Step Dance Workshop

Friday Step Dance Workshop
This will be a workshop for intermediate/experienced Scottish step dancers. It will take place on Friday, September 7, 2018 from 12:30-3:30 at Erickson Hall. The instructor is Elizabeth Miller.
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Fort Worden Workshop and Classes

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Class Descriptions
Social (Bob, Elaine, Rachel)
Social aspects of Scottish Country dancing through upper body technique and phrasing will be the focus of this class. Dancers should have a good understanding of all basic steps and formations and have been introduced to more advanced formations.
Technique (Bob, Elaine, Rachel)
This class will explore how to improve the phrasing and execution of a dance from all positions in the set. Dancers should have a good understanding of all basic steps and formations and have been introduced to more advanced formations.
Ceilidh Dances (Bob Anderson)
Start your workshop day with a set of fun ceilidh dances.
English Country Dance (Rachel Pusey)
Whether experienced in or newly curious about the "Other Country Dance", come experience the grace, elegance, and beautiful patterns of ECD.
Observation Skills (Elaine Brunken)
For teachers, people who may want to be teachers, or dancers who just want to increase awareness of the state of dancing in their set and their classes for the sake of individual and group improvement. This class will focus on observation skills in teaching and dancing, and how teachers can correct faults in dancing.
Ball Walkthrough (Seattle Area Teachers)
Some of the more complicated dances on the Saturday evening Ball program will be reviewed. This session is open to all weekend attendees.
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Session 4, 2:45 - 4:00


We have reserved several housing options for Friday night and Saturday night of the Fort Worden workshop weekend.
Only Officer's Row rooms with a single queen bed are left. If you would like to share a room, please indicate who you intend to share with. You may also reserve the room as a private, non-shared room for a higher cost.
  • (Not available) Dormitory: Small rooms with a single twin bed. One room has two twin beds. Bathrooms are down the hall. Cooking is not permitted in the dorms. You have the option of choosing the package that includes four meals in the cafeteria (Saturday: breakfast, lunch, dinner; Sunday: breakfast). more information about dormitories

  • (If sharing, specify your roommate's name. Can also reserve non-sharing rooms) Officers' Row housing: These shared houses have a parlor, dining room, fully equipped kitchen, and multiple bedrooms with linen. The smaller houses (Colonel's: 5E/5W, 6E/6W, 7E/7W, 10E/10W) each include three queen rooms and one very small room with a single twin bed and no closet. The larger houses (Commander's: 4E/4W, and General's: 11E/11W) have five queen rooms and one with a full-sized bed. Most houses have 1 1/2 bathrooms. more information about Officer's Row housing

  • (Full) NCO housing: We have reserved six Corporal's houses on NCO row. They have a parlor, fully equipped kitchen, and two bedrooms with linens. One bedroom has a single queen-sized bed and the other contains two twin beds. more information about NCO Corporal's housing
By selecting a housing option below, you are indicating your preference. This does not guarantee availability of that room type. We will try our best to accommodate your request, but may have to offer you a different option if your choice is no longer available. Rooms are assigned based on the order in which registrations are received. The registrar will contact you to verify your housing assignment.
If we need to change your room type, this may affect your total cost. We will work with you to either provide a refund, if the new room type is less expensive, or let you know the new amount of your housing fee.

Campsites: You may contact the State Park to reserve a campsite if interested. 360-344-4400, or The Jefferson County Fairgrounds also allow camping,

Off-Site: Motels and B&B’s are available in Port Townsend. Early reservations are recommended.

Note: Port Townsend is a tourist destination, popular for visits at this time of year.

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Shared Room Options

You have the option of staying in a 4-6 bedroom house on Officer's Row or a 2-bedroom house on NCO Row. Each NCO house has two bedrooms: one with a single queen-sized bed and one with two twin-sized beds. 
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One of the dormitory options includes four meals (three on Saturday and Sunday breakfast).
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Optional Friday Dinner in Cafeteria
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You may choose to pay a $50 deposit now and pay the remainder at a later date. If you pay this way, you must make your entire payment by check, not credit card. Full payment is due by May 31, 2018.

If paying by check, they must be in USD only and should be made out to: Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Fort Worden.


Cancelation Policy

If you need to cancel your registration for any reason, full refunds are available until May 31. After May 31, we will refund your workshop payment (not including housing) minus a $50 fee. If you paid for housing, that will only be refunded if we are able to fill the room you had reserved.

Total Cost of Registration:

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If not paying by credit card, mail check (written to Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Fort Worden) to:
Sarah Manchanda
FW Registrar
7323 16th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98115

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