Genoa Kids Covenant

Thank you for your interest to serve in our family ministry environments. Their are a few things we wanted you to know about our volunteer positions in these environments. First, know that as a volunteer in this ministry, You're in a leadership position, and the children and students here will watch what you say and do closely. We think that's great. You should be a role model for the next generation. And as a role model, your lifestyle is important to us. We want to make sure who you are on Sunday is who you are the rest of the week.
There are several issues that are most important to us, so we'll go into more detail about them in order to ensure that we are all on the same page.
Regarding Sexual Behavior 
We believe that sex was created by God as an expression of intimcay within the content of marriage. Volunteers who embrace a lifestyle that contradicts this teaching will find themselves having to pretend to be something they're not and believe something they don't. To prevent you from a potentially awkward situation, we may ask you not to serve for the following reasons:
- If you are involved in a sexual relationship and not married. 
- If you are currently living with someone of the opposite sex and not married. 
- If you are married and are currently involved in a sexual relationship outside of your marriage. 
Regarding Substance Behavior 
If you have a history of alchohol or drug abuse, this might be something God uses in a positive way to impact the future of the next generation. We'd love to talk with you further about your story and how it can impact the ministry of Genoa Church. We have a few guidelines that will determine your volunteer placement, and a few reasons we may ask you not to serve at this time: 
- If you have been arrested for or convicted of an alcohol or drug-related offense in the past twelve months. 
- If you are currently being treated for alcohol or drug abuse. 
- If you have used an illegal substance in the past twelve months. 
- If consuming alcohol to the point of being unable to drive legally is a regular part of your lifestyle. 
Regarding Social Behavior
The kids and the parents of the kids in your group may visit your Facebook page and other social media platforms. Based on that possibility, please be mindful of these guidelines, and we may ask you not to serve for the following reasons: 
- If you use inappropriate language on a regular basis. 
- If you post pictures of yourself in revealing clothes. 
Regarding Gossip
Team unity is very imporant. Gossip and talking negavtively about someone can ruin what God is trying to do in our ministry. Please protect the unity of this church by acting in love towards others in our fellowship, by refusing to spread gossip, and by encouraging them to grow in their relationship with Christ. 
I agree to the terms above as long as I am a volunteer of Genoa Kids. If I am unable to uphold this covenant I understand that I will need to resign from my volunteer position or that I may be asked by the leadership to resign. 
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