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I am signing this to show proof of ownership of the above identified tank. If available, I am attaching proof of ownership with copies of purchase invoice. This signature also authorizes Union Propane LLC to fill my propane tank when propane is purchased.
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  Lease Agreement:  
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Length of Lease is continuous until the lease agreement is terminated.   Customer Agrees   1. To identify and mark all underground utilities prior to service by Union Propane LLC.   2. To pay the annual fee of $50.00 for all leased tanks. (Fee will be waived if propane is filled in the tank annually and paid in full. Ex: 500 gallons for a 500 gallon tank, 330 gallons for a 330 gallon tank, 1000 gallons for a 1000 gallon tank)   3)  To pay all invoices within 15 days after delivery.   4)  Not to tamper, alter or relocate Company equipment.   5)  To provide safe and unobstructed access to Company equipment. Customer authorizes employees of the Company to enter Customer’s premises at any and all reasonable times to service equipment, deliver propane, and upon termination of this agreement, to remove said equipment from the premises.   6) The Company reserves the right to charge a tank “pump out/pick up fee” if service is terminated.   7)  To pay the Company the value of the equipment if it is lost, stolen or damaged during the term of this agreement.   8)  Customer agrees to pay all finance charges on past due accounts.   9)  Customers should notify the Company for delivery when tank reaches 20%. Special deliveries will be charged an extra delivery charge. Out-of-gas customers will be charged for a pressure/leak test. 10) ALL rental homes must also have the land owner’s signature accepting the terms of this agreement and agrees that if the Customer does not pay any outstanding debts then the land owner will be responsible. Company and Customer Mutually Agree: 1)  Customer is responsible for all permit fees and installation charges are non- refundable. 2)  Title to the equipment (including propane tank, blocks and regulators) covered by this agreement shall remain property of the Company. 3)  Union Propane LLC is not responsible for customer “freeze ups” due to erratic gas usage or inability to get to the Customer’s tank, due to other heat sources, weather, driveways not plowed, etc... 4)  Any failure of performance on the part of the Company shall be excused without liability when said failure results from accident, weather conditions, acts of God, fire, floods, labor disturbances, failure of suppliers of propane or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of the company.
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