GUEST:  Please confirm general status of your condo or house as of today.  Complete form and click SUBMIT within 30 days of lease start date to confirm condition at beginning of lease.  Thank you!
Unit is Clean: *
Walls & Ceilings Smooth/Painted/NoHoles (strict NO NAILS/SCREWS/TAPE policy): *
Flooring is in Good Shape: *
Appliances & Systems are in Good Repair: *
Parking Permit Received: *
Keys/Codes/Remotes are On Hand: *
Furniture is Setup (and/or Removed): *
Resident Portal Activated Online: *
Overall, how satisfied were you with your move in experience? *
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I ACCEPT and AGREE my unit noted above is in generally good, clean and habitable condition at the beginning of my lease period. Units vary in age and condition and are leased on an "as is" basis per the lease I signed (no upgrades, new paint or new fixtures were promised).  
I UNDERSTAND and AGREE Landlord will consider reasonable requests but that the Owner of my unit makes the final determination (not or Holmes Property Management).
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Submit form to Holmes Property Management LLC,, 423-586-1770, fax 423-289-0035
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