Handgun Training Specialists

CPL Renewal Registration Form

This form is for registration information only. 
It does not process a payment. 
It does not take you to the training website
When you submit this form you will be sent back to the ccw renewal website page.  On that page are the class selection options and payment .  Select your option, make the payment and you will be conneted to the study website. 
Complete the personal information and select the renewal training program.  

For those attending the legal portion of a CPL class at Bass Pro, please select the date of the class.

Prepayment is the recommended form of payment for all training options 

If you cannot prepay please check what form of payment you will use.

Payment and registration - a two-step process

  1. complete this form and submit
  2. You and HGTS will recieve an e mail confirming registration
  3. you will be automatically re-directed  back to the ccw renewal website. 
  4. Select your payment option
  5. Upon completeion of payment you will be automaticlly redirected to the CPL HeadStart Study Program.
What Course are you registering for ?
CPL renewal selections

If you are attending a class at Bass Pro Shop for your CPL renewal training. Select from class select dates below.

Personal Information

Submit Registration and you will be returned to the CCW renewal website
There you will select your training option and payment