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CPL Renewal Registration

CPL Renewal Registration and Payment Form

1. Complete registration form 
2. Select from renewal plans 1-5
3. Select a class date (does not apply to on line only course)
3. Select number attending - use 1 for yourself
4. Check the current total box at bottom of form  - is this the correct amount?
5. Click continue button
6. On next page select back to return to form or  confirm and you will be sent to process the payment.
7.  When payment is completed you will be automatically redirected in (10sec or less) to our exclusive CPL class on line study program. This program is a reguirement for CPL renewals. 
NOTE: Also all who register and pay for any class will be rediected to study program. All except renewals can opt out if so desired. 




4 Renewal Course Training Plans

Plan 1 - on line computer course $60.00. ( A preferred course )

Using your keyboard Enter 1 for yourself and proceed to check your purchase and then to payment.

Plan 2 - online renewal computer course and range time $110.00
Number Attending Class

Plan 3 - Three hour renewal classroom training

Number attending class

Plan 4 - 3 hour Classroom with live fire range 115.00

Check Your Total Purchase Here :

Plan 5 - Private Training - Individual or small group training to meet your schedule requirements

Phone or Text:  248-309-0579
e mail: jerry@nraccwclass.com
Subject:  Private CPL Infromation

Handgun Training Specialists
CPL Renewal Registration