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Online Course selection and payment

Plan one and two are our best value "PREFERED PROGRAMS"
Plan one - Instructor Guided online Renewal Course
The course meets and exceeds the three hours of "required" renewal training and is presented as a computer based online study guide program.

The convenience of home study
Not restricted to a class time limit
Class content with more information
Written tests to validate applicant knowledge
Instructor classroom and range video demonstrations
All Training content collected in one easy to use location

Add-on upgrade programs
(1)  3 hours simulated shooting skill upgrade training 
Simulated Shooting Skills
Shooting Positions
(2)  2 hours live fire training
Keep it simple and keep it safe will save the day.
Learn the foundation of repetitive accuracy and multiple shot placement.

Plan 2  - CPL  initial online program

4 hours + program

Individual General Study Groups and Tests 
Designed for those who would like to learn more about a specific topic and are NOT completeing a CPL of study.
Use of Force Test
Handgun Safety and Shooting Skills
Firearms Law
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- Private Training - Individual or small group training to meet your schedule requirements

Phone or Text:  248-309-0579
e mail: protectsystems@sbcglobal.net
Subject:  Private CPL Infromation

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