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CPL Class Registration and Payment

Form Instructions:
The form allows the user to register and select one of three payment options:
1. Individual payment
2. Group payments
3. One person paying for group of people
Each person registering for the class will be redireted to the CPL preparation web page
For those that pre pay on line - after selecting continue at bottom of form- select payment and you will be redirected to page after payment. 
Questions 248-309-9579
For those that will pay at class - after continue, select confirm order and you will be redirected to prep page.
Questions 248-309-9579


Select here for the (all in one payment) EZ CPL class . All equipment, guns and ammo included. Read more about our easy attendance and  return to this form to complete the process.

Payment Section

For Payment at class - Select  from the 3 option below 
How will you make your payment?

For prepay Credit Card and PayPal payments only

Individual registration payment
Individual member of a group of 2
Individual member of a group of 3 or more
Enter the name of your group contact person for groups of 2 or 3 above here:

Group attendance payment made by registrant on this form. Note this is for payment purposes only. Each person listed below is required to complete their own registration form.

Group fees
Check your current total here:

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