My signature below will confirm my agreement with Not Just A Getaway, LLC (NJAG), their legal representatives and assigns, regarding the disposition of video documentary and photographs of interviews conducted with me.
I understand that video both of me and, if applicable, and transcripts (if transcribed) of the interview(s) will be maintained and made available indefinitely by NJAG for such production (e.g., radio, television, film, festivals, world wide web, exhibitions, related advertisements), and educational purposes as NJAG shall determine.
I hereby grant, and transfer to NJAG all rights, title, and interest in the interview and video documentary, including without limitation the literary rights and the copyright.
I hereby release NJAG, their legal representatives and assigns from all claims and liability relating to said documentary and photographs.
NJAG agrees to retain the integrity of the interviewee’s image and voice, neither misrepresenting the interviewee’s words nor taking them out of context. I attest that I have voluntarily agreed to be interviewed and that this document contains the entire and complete agreement concerning the use and preservation of my interview
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