Nigel Mills MP - Residents Survey
Which THREE of these issues would YOU prioritize as part of our recovery from the pandemic? *
Do YOU agree with the Government’s decision to reduce foreign aid spending to 0.5% of GNI until our nation’s finances stabilise? *
Do YOU agree that illegal migrants should be PREVENTED from gaining immediate entry into the asylum system if they have travelled through a safe country – like France? *
Do you think the Government was right to lift coronavirus restrictions in England on 19th July? *
Have you found it difficult to access your local GP over the course of the pandemic?
Which method of GP’s appointments do YOU prefer? *
Amber Valley Borough Council is currently consulting on potential sites for the construction of new houses as part of the local plan. Where do YOU think these new homes should be situated? *
Do YOU agree with me that no new houses should be built on the green belt? *
If a General Election was held tomorrow, which party would you vote for?
Thank you for completing this survey.
Nigel Mills MP
Unicorn House
Wellington Street
The Conservative Party uses the information you provide for the purposes of democratic engagement. This covers a wide range of activities inside and outside election periods, including but not limited to: democratic representation; communicating with you; surveying and opinion gathering, campaigning activities; activities to increase voter turnout; supporting the work of elected representatives, prospective candidates and official candidates; and fundraising to support any of these activities.