2024 Residents Survey.

Which 3 of these local issues are most important to you? *
Which 3 of these national issues are most important to you? *
How satisfied are you with the Government’s measures to tackle cost of living increases including the energy price cap and other help with energy bills? *
How satisfied are you with the Government's handling of migrants crossing the Channel? *
Do you support the recently passed law that migrants who have come to this country illegally should never be able to obtain legal residency in the UK? *
In the last 12 months, have you caught a train from Alfreton, Langley Mill, Ambergate or other local train stations? *
Would improved facilities at train stations such as lifts to all platforms encourage you to use the train more often? *
How would the closure of the ticket office at Alfreton Train Station impact you? *
Have you received a copy of my 'Reporting Back' leaflet through your door over the past few months? *
How did you vote in the 2023 Local Elections? *
On a scale where 1 means no chance and 10 means certain, what are the chances of you voting for each of the following parties at the next election? *
Liberal Democrat
Won't Vote
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