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Program dates: Oct.12-Dec. 18. Payment deadline: Oct. 9.

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NBTB NOW offers digital badges in the subjects below. You can earn these badges as you create and publish your stories. Not all badges are offered in every newsroom. Please click below for the badges that interest you: *
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Time Zone and Time Commitment

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Question 1: NBTB NOW will offer a digital badge in creating a journalism portfolio, including writing and editing a college application essay. Are you interested in signing up for this badge and for office hours with an NBTB editor? *
Question 2: NBTB NOW is self-paced and includes a weekly check-in with your team leader, one 60-minute class on Tuesdays (attend in person or view the video) and one 60-minute guest speaker session on Thursdays (same as class). You will also be expected to spend up to three hours per week researching, reporting and editing your stories. Is this time commitment of 5-6 hours per week doable for you? *
Question 3: Because we are a journalism program, we want to alert you to two production pushes: 1) during the week of Nov. 9, following election night, and 2) during the week of Dec. 7, as students finalize their portfolios and publications. Production is when students work especially closely with their team leaders and fellow students, sometimes in addition to check-ins or class periods, to make sure that a broadcast, podcast, magazine or website is fact checked, copyedited and ready in every way to go live. This work is self-paced though you will be responsible to make deadlines as set by your team/team leader. Can you commit to these production pushes? *
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We are interested in learning about your school's journalism program. We sometimes contact school journalism advisers to learn more about their programs and to offer opportunities to collaborate. Note that you do not need to be in a journalism program at your school in order to participate in NBTB Online.

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