Summer 2020: June 28-July 11

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Technology and Tools

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Financial assistance

Newsroom by the Bay is committed to ensuring diversity in the classroom so that the newsrooms of tomorrow reflect our society as a whole. A limited amount of financial aid is available for students who qualify for the federal free and reduced price lunch program.  Details are available here.  Applications for campers requesting financial assistance are due March 1.

Billing Contact Information

Please tell us where to send the e-invoice for payment if you are accepted. 

School Information

School Journalism Program

We are interested in learning about your school's journalism program. We sometimes contact school journalism advisers to learn more about their programs and to offer opportunities to collaborate with us. Please note that you do not need to be involved in a journalism program at your school to participate in NBTB.

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Honors, Awards and Activities

Parent/Guardian Information

Emergency Contacts (can be a local contact in addition to parents/guardians above). IMPORTANT: If parents/guardians will be away from home while camp is in session, list a responsible party who can be contacted in case of emergency. International students, do not list your own phone number — provide one for a family member or a local contact instead.

Letter of Recommendation

In addition to this application, please ask your journalism adviser, guidance counselor or a teacher to write a short (250 words) letter of recommendation for you. Have him/her email your recommendation to using an official school email address. Alternatively, your recommender may mail the letter on school letterhead to Newsroom by the Bay, P.O. Box 20105, 531 Lasuen Mall, Stanford, CA 94305-9991. Applications are not complete until the recommendation is received. Clips of your work are not required unless we ask for them. 

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