ONA: Share Your COVID-19 Nursing Stories

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed system-wide deficiencies in our health care system that will require legislative and rule-making solutions. ONA has a long history of shaping Oregon public policy in areas of nursing and public health, as well as issues addressing social determinants and health equity.

As we look to the future and think about ways to ensure Oregon is better prepared to handle future pandemics or other public health crises, we ask ONA members to share their experiences and help inform future legislative priorities.

Post-COVID Planning

Please join ONA staff and leaders for a series of virtual legislative planning meetings to evaluate Oregon’s response to COVID-19 and answer key questions as we begin to frame ONA’s next legislative and policy agenda.

  • How do we avoid a crisis the next time there is a pandemic or natural disaster?
  • How do we ensure that public health is a priority in our state?
  • How do we ensure that nurses and other health care workers have the equipment they need to do their work?
  • How do we maintain the stability and flexibility of the nursing workforce?
  • How does nursing emerge as the leader in health care?
  • Why should nurses be involved in disaster preparedness planning?
  • How can we improve regulation of Oregon’s Hospital Nurse Staffing Law during a pandemic?
  • Why is appropriate staffing important during a pandemic?
  • How can we better prepare to support our most vulnerable groups during a pandemic?
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