Mercy Learning Online (MLOL) Curriculum Revision and Course Development

Mercy Learning Online (MLOL) is a program of Mercy Education, offered to high school students currently attending our Mercy schools. MLOL offers half-credit, credit recovery and non-credit skills courses. School administrators select the courses that they wish to offer their students. Students must be registered through their home school. The courses are designed and taught by Mercy educators. A full list of course offerings is available here.

Curriculum Revision

Beginning in 2019-2020, MLOL began an ongoing process for curriculum revision for all courses over the next several years.  Curriculum revision is conducted virtually.  A team of two-three teachers (must have subject-specific teaching credentials) first meet to review the course and decide on a plan of action for revision. Typically, the team meets every 2-3 weeks for one hour to discuss changes/additions to the material. Work on the course revision can be divided and completed independently.  The check-in meetings are essential to discussion material and ensure that learning objectives are covered within the class. A course revision generally takes four months.  Courses are developed and delivered within Schoology, although knowledge of this LMS (learning management system) is not required. A $500.00 stipend is paid to each teacher.

Curriculum Development

MLOL is also looking to expand its course offerings. MLOL is looking for educators, currently employed in any of our Mercy Education schools, to develop a five-week, ½ credit course for MLOL.  A $1500.00 stipend is paid to the teacher for the development of the course.  

If interested in either curriculum revision or course development, please complete the information below.

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Curriculum revision for 1/2 credit courses

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Curriculum revision for credit recovery courses

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Course development

New courses would need to be developed for a five-week, half-credit class.  Courses are asynchronous, so the content must include readings, videos, etc. so that a student can work independently through the course material. The primary role of the teacher is to provide comments on assignments and to grade student work. The teacher would be available once per week to clarify and answer questions on the material.

Thank you for your interest in Mercy Learning Online!

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