MLOL Teacher Application Summer 2022

Before completing this application you must be able to answer "yes" to the next two statements. If you cannot answer "yes" to the next two statements, please discontinue the application, address the need and return to the application and complete with the required "yes" response.
I have informed my principal that I am submitting this request to continue teaching or seek a teaching assignment in the program, and I have her/his support. (Support required) *
My teaching credentials are current and are on file at the school named on this form. *
In the spring, Mercy Learning Online will host a call to prepare teachers for the Summer 2022 program. Any updates to the program and the platform will be communicated. A Teacher Orientation course will be available to all teachers in the Schoology platform.  Review of this course prior to teaching is required. It is designed to help teachers navigate Schoology, understand how lessons are presented, and includes helpful information for grading assignments.  

I am willing to review the Teacher Orientation Course prior to teaching and participate in the spring call.
All information on this form is accurate. My choice of Yes indicates my sign off on the information. *