Tempest: Life Upturned
Mind Key's 3rd Anthology is now seeking submissions
In Tempest we will explore the tumultuous moments of life.  Perhaps the violent, deeply emotional, frustrating, or confusing ones.  Or perhaps those moments where molehills were made into mountains (tempest in a teacup). This 8X10 museum quality coffee table book of exceptional art and writing will explore both the darkness of life as well as the sweet moments churned up by roiling seas.
We are looking for art of all medium (fine art, photography, sculpture, collage and more) and writing in any genre (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, novel excerpts, essays and more). Written pieces must be 500 words or (preferably) less.
If your work is chosen for the Anthology, we will notify you by June 30th.
Please submit your work using this form, or by emailing submissions@mindkey.me

To see images from our prior publications: "The Mind Key Project: An Anthology" and "Yin and Yang: The Duality of Balance" visit www.mindkey.me/anthology
In addition to publication in the anthologies, Mind Key offers our contributors additional exposure for their work and their brand, as well as unique opportunities to further their creative careers in fulfilling and lucrative ways.  



  1. a violent windstorm, especially one with rain, hail, or snow.
  2. a violent commotion, disturbance, or tumult.

verb (used with object)

     3. to affect by or as by a tempest; disturb violently. 
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The goal and mission of the Mind Key Project is to help people find the keys they need to discover their true path and live their passion.  We believe that energy and healing resonate with creativity to build a happier, healthier, more inspired life. We believe that intuitive personal healing and discovery of our own life path is the first step to widespread global healing. 
Through this Anthology artists and writers connect with the world while discovering potential and strength. 
By clicking here I acknowledge that my submission is my original work. If the submission is featured in the Mind Key Anthology I will be given full credit for my work with links to my online presence where applicable; I will not, however, receive any other form of compensation, but I will retain the rights to my original artwork. Mind Key does, however, reserve the right to republish the published pieces at any time for promotional purposes, always with full credit to the owner and links where applicable. *
In an effort to bring the community together through these anthologies, we are encouraging contributors to help us take discounted pre-orders for Tempest. If the Anthology is fully funded prior to print, we will offer contributors up to $150 per submission accepted (depending on how much fuding is received, among other factors).  More information on how to obtain pre-orders will be sent to all contributors within two months of going to print.
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