Coaching Log

Client Log & Credentialing

Coaching seeking ICF credentialing must keep a separate log for the International Coaching Federation

ICF has an spreadsheet form that you can use to track experience hours for credentialing.  Use your email receipts from the Center for Vitality Coaching Log, along with any other coaching hours, to track your experience for the ICF.

Download an International Coach Federation Coaching Log and instructions at the ICF website.


Coach Information

Client/Coachee Information

For Group Coaching, please list a single contact individual.
Individual or Group Coaching *

Confidentiality Notice

Providing Client Information

You must obtain consent from each client to list his or her information on the client coaching log. The consent may be verbal and does not need to be provided to the Center for Vitality or the International Coach Federation. 

Use of Client Information

The information on this client coaching log will be seen only by Arkansas Conference Center for Vitality staff. Client information is never shared or sold to another party or used for any purpose other than review of your log for the fullfillment of your agreement for coaching services with the Center for Vitality.

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