Mentors' Report Form 2017-2018 RIM

Please fill out a report for each of your Residents.
Please only complete ONE report per resident.
The 2 mentors should agree on the report and one copy is submitted electronically to the BOM.
You may use the Evaluation Worksheet printed in your Handbook to prepare your answers with your fellow Mentor-Facilitator and keep a personal record of your report.

For questions, please contact Assistant Director for Clergy Development Dr. Blake Bradford at OR BOM Residency Co-Chair Rev. Adam Kirby at

The BOM does not expect a comprehensive evaluation of the Resident's effectiveness in the ministry context. Mentoring groups are not designed to produce such information. However, please let us know how the resident was involved in CPG meetings, and what fruitfulness was reported by the Residents. Also, if you have "red flag" concerns, please let us know in the comments section at the end of the evaluation so these issues may be addressed during the BOM Interview process.
1. RPG Attendance: Did the resident attend all Residency Peer Group meetings? *
3. Participation and Assignment Completion: Did the resident participate & complete ALL peer group assignments to the Facilitation Team's satisfaction? *